best player in the world if messi and ronaldo didnt exist

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Gav back in the championship, Feb 14, 2013.

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  1. seen this on facebook earlier was surprised who came top the most popular was gareth bale lol now hes played great this season but come on really anyway my top 5 are

    What do you think
  2. Iniesta and I don't personally think it is close. The guy is a magician. He is on the same level -- if not higher -- than Zidane for me.
  3. yes i agree but better than zidane? Hmm i dunno thats a tough one there both amazing tho
  4. Iniesta fo sho!
  5. Ivan Perisic
  6. Lol you rate Perisic over Iniesta?
  7. I didn't notice that part the first time I went through this. Are you insane? Zidane is the best player of our lifetime, yes better than Ronaldo and Messi. His control of the game was masterful.
  8. Xavi for me, I base my game off him completely, love his style of play.
  9. Tell me Iniesta doesn't control games. Go on. Zidane is a contender for best player of our lifetime, that is subjective. I don't think he is better than Messi or Ronaldo at all. Many other Spanish-football analysts are putting Iniesta in the same sentence as Zidane now too.

    There is this crazy ideology in the world where comparing someone who is great now to someone who WAS great is seemingly an absurd statement to make. Why? Because the players of the past have a legacy; we remember it and constantly mention it. Where as players like Iniesta are STILL playing, their legacy isn't seen in the same regard -- with some people, like yourself -- because they're existing players. If Iniesta had retired ten years ago, he would definitely be held in the same regard. Look at how many damn accomplishments he has... He is on the same technical level of Zidane on the pitch, he is on the same professional level of Zidane off the pitch and he has won the same -- if not MORE now -- accolades than Zidane which you ultimately judge players on. It's insane how this is seen as insane.

    Should we not compare Messi to Maradona because Messi is only 25 or something? Should we not compare Cristiano Ronaldo to the original Ronaldo because Cristiano still plays? Of course we should, both Ronaldo and Messi can easily be seen as players who have surpassed both of them (I'm not saying they have, you can argue it however). Yet some people seemingly think it's something that should never happen because the previous stars are seen as legends.
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  10. Yeah, Iniesta is magic, but what about some older? Raul Gonzalez, Guti, Roberto Carlos, and more... I think one of them is better than anyone now... And, the best isn't in the list, now the best in my opinion is Pirlo, his game vision, and everything, but he's old... Also Neymar is good for this "award" :neymar:
  11. Remi Gaillard.
  12. @Crayo

    I disagree completely. Look at what Zidane did in 98 and 06, you can honestly say Iniesta (who I love BTW) could carry those teams to the WC finals like Zidane did? I know part of it is your national pride being born is Spain, I get it cause I feel the same way about CR7. There's nothing wrong with you thinking Iniesta is on the same level, there's nothing I can do to convince you otherwise. Bringing in CR7 and Messi to Maradona is irrelevant to the subject, the debate is Zidane/Iniesta, not old players vs current players. Iniesta does control games, yes, but he doesn't have the complete skill set Zidane had, or the size to do it with. Zidane is the most complete player I've ever seen, period. He could literally do it all, at the highest level. That's my piece, Iniesta already is a legend in my book, but I don't see anything he can do to elevate himself into Zidane territory in my eyes.
  13. Pirlo is great but -- forgive me please -- is slightly overrated in the modern era. He is a fantastic midfielder and one of the best we've seen, but he is a level below Xavi and Iniesta for me. Pirlo can control a game if he's not pressed high up. Pirlo played against Celtic the other night and was pressed high and was pretty much meaningless throughout until more space arrived. I actually rate Paul Scholes higher than I rate Pirlo -- though I rate Paul Scholes on the same level as Xavi so yeah -- but Pirlo is seriously great.

    This might come off as cynical but I hope not, I do love Pirlo. He plays how I love the game to be played. But because of his age and legacy, he is seen as underrated in the modern era which I don't think he is personally.

    To sum it up: He's a magician who can't do as many tricks as Iniesta :emoji_slight_smile:.
  14. Firstly, this has nothing to do with my national pride. I regard England as my "home" nation so any questions about being bias is insane. Iniesta pretty much carried Spain in the latest Euro's. For those who watched every Spanish match, you know he was MOTM in every and was the star of the show. He just had a lot of other good players around him so it isn't seen as "carrying" a game.

    Iniesta has carried Barcelona many times when Messi wasn't playing. Zidane also had a good team around him in both those finals you mention, but more importantly didn't have any serious international opponents (discounting Brazil) at the time. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but do you even watch la Liga Senhor? Do you even watch Iniesta's games? And I don't mean once in a while so you can cast a judgement, I mean do you watch more or less each and every single game Iniesta is in? If you do not, then your opinion of him as a player -- and a comparison to one of the greatest who you clearly watched -- can not be as accurate as it can possibly be.

    Please tell me what Iniesta lacks in his skill set that Zidane had? Please do not mention size because it is irrelevant. Iniesta being small now is an advantage, like Zidane being bigger was an advantage in his time. Football has evolved. The invincible Arsenal team were a team of big players who were technically gifted, and they dominated English football. Now football is dominated by smaller players with a lower sense of gravity, who are quick on the ball and more agile. Bigger players are struggling in terms of being on the same level technically as the smaller ones. You have a few specials like Ronaldo who can counter that argument, but the vast majority are smaller players. So size is meaningless in this debate, and so is the "perfect athlete" argument as Ronaldo is a far superior athlete to Messi, but isn't the best in the world...

    For the record: The leading Spanish analyst (in terms of valuable opinion anyway) agrees with my Iniesta argument. I know that has no relevance here really, but I just want people to know this isn't me spitting out random crap; it's something that is being argued on the biggest stage.

    Also, lastly, Zidane said himself Iniesta is as good as him.
  15. Yes, I know Iniesta is great, better than Messi in my opinion but he should be more offensive. I don't say I don't like Iniesta, he's great and he gave to Spain the first ever world cup with his goal in the 116 minute, but I don't know, I look at the way to play football and I think there are better players. I haven't got to forgive you, it's your opinion. I also think Messi is nothing without the magician and the genius (Iniesta and Xavi) but everyone has his own opinion
  16. Yes I do watch La Liga when I can, it's impossible for me to watch every game. Just like when Zidane played I couldn't watch every single game. I have, however, seen all of their national team tournament games so I think it allows me to have an opinion on the subject

    IMO it is relevant, physical play on the defensive end and in the box can play a very important role. I believe you could place Zidane at any position on the pitch and he would excel. Could you see Iniesta excelling as a CB or a CF? I personally do not. I realize that the midfield is the most difficult position to play, but we are talking overall skill.

    Spanish analyst, no chance he is biased is there? :george:

    Probably because he is a humble superman who is willing to pass the torch.
  17. You watch few games so I do think it affects your judgement personally.

    That has nothing to do with anything. It's like me saying Phil Jones is better than Ronaldo because he can play more positions. We're talking about Zidane as a midfielder, we're not talking about any of these guys as defenders or players that NEED to be versatile.

    "Oh look, an analyst who's from the same country as one of the greatest players ever -- MUST BE BIAS." - That ideology is lame man, very lame. For the record, English analysts have said the same thing. The reason I mentioned the Spanish analyst is that it is his job to analyse La Liga every single week and has done since the Zidane era; his opinion is naturally held in a very high regard in this topic.

  18. I'm old and tired, I can argue all day but is anything I say going to change your mind? I know nothing you say will change mine. So let's call it a draw.

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  19. Deal :tough:

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    ly xoxox
  20. there both very difficult to separate all i can come up with is zidane is the bigger goal threat as hes scored more goals not sure how they compare assists wise though


    anyway back on topic as it seems pretty unanimous with iniesta lets take him out of the equation aswell my vote would go to rvp
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