Best Punk and Austin Confrontation EVER

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Meshuggah, Apr 11, 2013.

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  1. imo, best Punk and Austin confrontation I have ever seen:

    Now, this is just an interview for WWE 13 may I remind you, however, the tension between these two is amazing in this video.

    But really, what if...
  2. Amazing. CM Punk would definitely fit in the Attitude Era but would not be champ IMO.


    "I highly disagree with you son".

  3. I'll fight 'em both.
  4. And goddamn, this is like the third time getting a boner from your sig. :willis:
  5. Apologies sir :haha:
  6. I have very little interest in this feud. I like Punk, but he just seems like a guy who Austin would stun, pour beer over and then be done with. I personally thought they were quite mismatched in this interview.

    If Austin returns for one more match, I'd rather it be against someone else.
  7. Saw that interview a lot time ago...
  8. Yea a lot of people have and a lot of people haven't, which is why I posted it.

    To K, I disagree, I would love to see these 2 feud. Stone Cold would not just pour beer on him and stun him, Punk is more valuable to the WWE than that. That's like saying the Rock would been stunned by stone cold and just have beer poured over him back in the day when they feuded, no, if Punk can have a good feud with Cena and Taker, he can have a good feud with Stone Cold, anyone who thinks otherwise, I say, why?

    When you have 2 of the best promo cutters, 2 of the most interesting people in the ring, and 2 of the most rebellious superstars in WWE history FEUD, its gonna turn out good. WWE is stupid, but their not that stupid to just bring in stone cold and have him pour beer on him, stun him, and then just leave, if they brought these 2 together to feud, they would make it worth while. I don't think Punk would even allow having alcohol poured all over him in the first place, and I think Steve would respect that.

    My opinion, of course. We all got different opinions, I respect yours, I just disagree.
  9. The feud would be awesome, be sure of that, but I don't really expect Steve comes out and fights Punk as Rocky has done for the WWE title
  10. I know WWE wouldn't book it to just have Austin stun him and pour beer on him, it's just my way of stating that Punk doesn't really represent much of a threat to Austin to me. The match just doesn't have the "epic" feel to it that would really get me wet over it. I think Punk is quite overrated on the mic, personally. And this interview for WWE 13 further proves it to me, because I didn't think Punk seemed on Austin's level at all.

    Austin/Punk would be better for promos than something like Austin/Lesnar, but I feel the latter would be a much more personal feud overall and probably one I'd have more interest in. I'm off and on with Punk - I sometimes like him but other times, I'm indifferent and could care less if he were to disappear from my TV set altogether. Plus, Punk will probably turn face again by the time the match has the slightest possibility of happening, and it wouldn't work at all with it being face/face.

    I'm fine with Austin staying retired, personally.
  11. I will agree with you on that 100%, that punk seemed a little intimitated by Steve in this interview, but who wouldn't be?

    Overrated on the mic? Opinion, but absolutely not. Now, he hasn't been doing very good lately, but thats because we expect so much from him now, after all his earlier epic promos, that, like Punk said himself, its really hard to top yourself, its one of the hardest things to do in the WWE, is to top yourself. Not on Steves level? Like Steve pointed out, he could get under Punks skin and bring Punk a whole level higher, the feud itself would be good for the whole WWE, punk included.

    I am also fine with austin staying retired, the man needs his rest, he worked his ass off for a long time, but thats the what if question they were discussing. Im with you on that one, Punk turning face wouldn't work, but if punk were to come back as a tweener(like with Cena/Punk)then it could work tremendously, same with steve, if it were a tweener vs tweener, it would be an awesome feud.
  12. You mean "couldn't care less" (sorry, that error really bugs me). Also, I'm pretty sure Austin has gone on record and saying he's only interested in feuding with Punk if he was a heel, so I'm positive they'd just hold back on Punk turning (or turn him back quickly) when they realize Austin is able to go.

    Anyway, I don't really disagree with you here. I disagree that Punk is overrated on the mic, but in this interview dear god, I'd say he was terrible, and he looked worse because Austin was his usual self. And this is coming from a rather big Punk fan but listening to this for the first time now and he was really bad here. Never seen him stumble/stutter over his words this much before. I think at least half of his sentences here fall victim to that. I'd say this is a pretty poor representation of Punk's mic skills.

    I also have little interest in Punk/Austin but I will say that's because I have little interest in seeing Austin return, especially to wrestle. If he was to return, I'd rather it be against Punk since I'd imagine the only enjoyment I'll get out of any Austin return feud would be the build/promos, and I think that feud clearly beats all other alternatives.
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