Best RAW Entrance Setup?

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  1. WWF RAW debut with a more vibrant set than Wrestling Challenge and Superstars, with neon lights surrounding the entrance curtain which lasted until 95 when a now famous entrance stage was introduced with the word RAW covering the curtain which is now used on RAW old school. in March 1997 a new MORE famous stage was introduced where the curtain was in front for everyone to see and a huge tron up top dubbed "TitanTron" WWF's rebuttal to WCW's "TurnerTron" that debut in 1994. This set lasted until 1998 when a different variation was made a WWF back drop taking place of the walk-out section of the former stage and the curtains to the side much like today's set this lasted until 2000 when the same thing was amped up with two side trons were added. RAW had a revamped logo in late 2001 due to the 9/11 sensitivities with "War" and this logo was a BAD one but it was changed to a more slanted style that was themed as metal works and lots of sparks. the stage changed as well, it kept the same look though making the stage itself smaller and curving the tron to fit the logo, with the side trons replaced with curvy trons that really didn't project anything. in 06 the RAW and SMACKDOWN logos changed and the RAW logo didn't fit the set, luckly in 2008 WWE went HD (and PG) and the RAW changed to the "Universal HD Set" which was the exact same as the Heat and Smackdown, it had a curvy lower tron and the side tron was represented as squares. in 2012 it changed to something more tech with alot more active trons
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  2. What a wondrous walk down memory lane. I feel truly privileged to be here at this time to read this particular thread. It warms my heart to ponder the change to more active trons and curly lower active side trons. Yes that is remarkable. Thank you. It was time for this thread. It truly was.
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