Great Balls of Fire Best Raw PPV in a while

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by SWAGSUKE, Jul 6, 2017.

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  1. Samoa Joe vs Brock Lesnar
    Roman Reigns vs Braun Strowman.

    I love it. Four big bad bruisers just kicking the crap out of each other. Both matches have been built well.

    I've been waiting years to see Samoa Joe become WWE Champion. Going through Brock Lesnar is a great way to make it happen.

    Roman and Braun's feud is next level. The way Braun is booked is like no one before him. There's no man before who would get speared off a stage through a table, and be up on his feet less than a few minutes later. Braun will not stay down. Braun Smash.
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  2. I mean, on paper, with those matches, a 30 minute Iron Man Tag Team match, it can be a decent PPV. We'll see how they do it once the actual show comes around, though.
  3. Raw has been better for PPVs this year than Smackdown that's for sure. No one wants to see Randy Orton vs Jinder Mahal for the 100th time.
  4. No one? Did you take a poll or something? I want to see it. Randy's going 3 times with Bruno at the Garden. Jinder is our Bruno. You try him three times, you lose three times, and the champion moves on to John Cena at SummerSlam. He'll pin John Cena and move on to the next. Rinse. Repeat. Classic booking. Effective because it works.
  5. Oh you're one of those, huh?
  6. The show looks alright on paper, but we'll see.

    Strowman vs Reigns will probably be MOTN and hopefully Lesnar vs Joe isn't a squash.
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  7. Depends on how the matches go. If Brock squashes Joe then meh for that one.
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  8. You all think Brock is squashing Joe? Shit no. You don't build Joe as carefully as they are without him at least looking competitive af against Brock.

    I find it so odd that such young fans are completely middle of the road on excellent product. I'd hope for some enthusiasm for the fandom. Maybe it's overexposure to excellent wrestling, which is entirely possible. All we get is excellence in WWE over the last couple years. Excellence that I've seen called mediocre by armchair critics around here. Well, maybe it is mediocre if you haven't grown up with actual shitty pro wrestling, you're never happy with what's in front of you, and second-guessing everything as if you're some expert booker.
  9. No one said it was happening, we said "IF it happens. And there was only two of us who said that :y2j:
  10. Wow, don't get hot about it. LOL
  11. [​IMG]
  12. Oh my god, I've been giffed. How does one recover from such a sick burn?
  13. Ok I get the formula, but fuck, their feud is boring as shit. It was cool when Jinder won, then it just went downhill.
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  14. I'd say the onus is more on Randy than Jinder there. I find Randy kind of milquetoast as a babyface challenger. Almost Murder-Death-Killing a Bollywood Boy was pretty rad.

    I get that though, I just want Jinder to destroy The Viper one more time and move on to whomever is next to FALL BEFORE THE MAHARAJA!!!

    PS No no, I'm not a total mark for Jinder now.
    PPS .... I aaaaammmmmm
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  15. I don't believe it will be squash, but I can see why it would be lol. Build Joe up and have him be beaten down by Lesnar just makes Lesnar even stronger and we all know the end game is for Reigns to beat Lesnar at WM 34 soo making Lesnar stronger and stronger just benefits Vince's overall plan of making Reigns into a mega star when he beats Lesnar.

    Like I feel as if Vince's mindset is "Who cares about everyone Lesnar beats along the way. They will all recover! The end goal is Reigns Reigns Reigns. Wrestlers will be sacrificed along the way, but the outcome of Reigns is worth it"
  16. Looks good on paper with 2 interesting matches and a few under card matches. Are the hardies gonna be broken?
  17. Every professional wrestling fan who is not a wrestler themselves is an "armchair critic." "Armchair critics" pay the bills, buy the Network, buy the merchandise, buy the tickets and give the show ratings. It's their opinions that matter and therefore if they consider it mediocre, that's an important observation by customers about a business. So their opinions should be welcomed.
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  18. Your type of self important fan makes up about .05% of WWE viewership. You're hardly as important as you think you are. WWE never needs to cater to you, because they have your money already. You'll keep buying and keep complaining into the wind.
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  19. I haven't payed for a WWE product in 5 years.
  20. Paid, not payed. I didn't know being a cheapskate was a thing to be proud of.