News Best RAW ratings for almost a year

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Brad., Jan 23, 2014.

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  1. Really impressive to see it beat post-WM RAW numbers. Hopefully they don't think it was just down to Batista.
  2. They will obviously give nearly all of the credit to Batista, as they should. They hyped up his return for weeks and it just happened to be this Raw that he was returning on that scored a huge rating.
  3. What about the ending to last week's RAW (Bryan leaving the Wyatts)? People were talking about that all week. And what about Lesnar appearing? And what about it being the RR go-home show? Batista does not deserve all the credit at all.
  4. Not all the credit, but I'd still say he's the main reason. Not denying that Bryan and Lesnar brought in some numbers (especially Lesnar) but Batista is no doubt the #1 reason imo. I'm kind of moaning as it makes the obvious even more obvious now (i.e. Batista winning the Rumble and the strap at Mania.)
  5. Batista is part of it for sure, but it's always nice to see a better show getting better ratings.
  6. You can thank Orton title reign for that
  7. Good, i'm glad :-)
  8. It's because of Batista and Bryan. Not Orton. Screw Orton
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  9. Its because of Orton, but you IWC with your double stndards and high horses do not see it
  10. Doesn't really matter who boosted the ratings up, this is just a kick in the ass for WWE to maybe get their act together. Straighten things up. Let's bring more excitement to the higher ratings.

    I've always wanted the hardcore championship back. That could really boost the ratings higher if we had a title that anyone could win at any place!
  11. What excitement was brought on Monday? Batista's boring ass return that got nearly universally shit on? This is a shitty sign if anything, it will make WWE think "see, i knew it, we don't have any draws on our roster so we haev to bring in oldfucks like Batista! Someone send for Bobby Lashley! Where's Umaga? He what? fuck it."
  12. Well. Let's just hope for the best.
  13. While expecting the worst, always.
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  14. It's an average though of beginning of the show viewers and end of the show viewers isnt it? I'm sure people stopped viewing after Batista debut'd as a repackaged eurotool.
    Plus people wanted to see how John Cena was going to react after Randy put his "dad" in the hospital.
  15. Like I said, thank you Orton

    Kiss it Kiss it!!!!!!!111111
  16. ".. they wanted to see how JOHN CENA .." Thank you Cena?
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