Best RAW Wrestler Of 2012

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jan 1, 2013.

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  1. Which wrestler from the RAW brand has had the best 2012 in your opinion and why?
  2. Daniel Bryan
    Here is why, he has far surpassed all of Mcmahons expectations. Bryan is getting gimmicks that would spell doom for other superstars and turning them into pure gold. Sure his gimmick grew stale at the end, but in the ring he was consitantly putting on good matches, some were even great. Arguably the two best matches of the year both involved Daniel. Punk Vs Bryan and more recently, Shield vs Hell no and Ryback. Just my opinoin.

    Edit - I just realized that he wrestled the majority of the early year on Smackdown, so this response is irrelivant.
  3. CM Punk, he's had more great matches than anybody else on the roster and his promos have been great throughout.
  4. We talking kayfab here?
  5. No. Just your opinion on who has been the best wrestler this year.
  6. Punk carried the first half of the year, and I think team hell no carried the latter half of RAW this year. Matches, vignettes, etc.
  7. I'll also say Punk. Although he was quite stale for a point around your summer, he held the title throughout the entire year, wrestled lots of great matches and no one else really comes to mind.
  8. CM Punk is the only plausible choice for me, kayfabe or otherwise. He's held the belt the entire year and become the second longest reigning world champion of the Mania Era, and has had some good/great matches in the process. He's also been the best mic worker on Raw, and maybe all of WWE for the entire year (although his promo skills are still overrated by some, and he got a bit stale at the end of his face run.) I would also consider Punk as a shoe-in for PWI's wrestler of the year as well.
  9. Punk, he had lots of great WWE title matches:

    Vs DB at OVL
    VS Cena at NOC
    VS Jericho at WM
    VS Jericho at ER
    VS Ziggler at RR

    Plus , spending the whole 2012 as WWE Champion :pity:
  10. The only times I truly cared about Raw in 2012 were because of Rock and Lesnar. So them.
  11. The Ziggler match was a joke. Don't ever mention that bullshit when talking abotu 'great' matches please.

    And the Jericho matches were underwhelming if anything. They should have been a lot better.
  12. I liked all 3 of them tbh, I know Punk/Jericho should have been better but that doesn't mean they weren't good, especially the ER match...
  13. Dis. Punk and Ziggler had TV moty a few weeks prior to that though, without all the Ace shenanigans.
  14. Agreed. The match at ER was better than their WM match.
  15. I'm gonna say Dolph Ziggler... Ooh wait, he's on smackdown.. This brand split non split has me confused.

    I guess raw would leave the choices to be Cena.... Punk.... Miz... Or... Who the hell else is on raw? Cody Rhodes? No. R-Truth? Yes. Idk.

    Okay now seriously, I'd hate to say punk, because personally i think he was better at the end of last year, both in ring and on the Mic than he was this year, but its hard to make a case against him, other than Dolph, who is currently my favorite, or the goat face killer who are both smackdown guys i think. So i guess punk by default.

    ~Three Said That~
  16. I've got to agree with my man Dolph'sZiggler here.
  17. CM Punk - I won't say all his matches were amazing, but his opponents were. He faced the likes of Dolph Ziggler, Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan and John Cena.

    Yes I know, his match with Daniel Bryan was great, was just trying to make a point.

    He's had a great run throughout 2012 and in the middle of the year he turned heel and still managed to carry the championship belt until the end.
    He was starting to get stale to some fans but he always managed to switch it up.

    Daniel Bryan would be #2 - Why number 2?

    Thread title "Best RAW Wrestler of 2012" :lol2:

    No, in all honesty he's gotten himself over in a new level and he has feuded both for the World Heavyweight Championship with Sheamus and the WWE Championship with CM Punk, both may I say were great matches excluding Wrestlemania 28.
    His comedy skits with Kane, Dr. Shelby and Harold were entertaining. A great year for him.
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