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  1. Hello friends! Quick question (that has probably been discussed a thousand times)....


    I have been a lifelong fan yet outside of the ECW arena, I have never attended a WWE event....
    This Monday it will be @ the Wells Fargo center here in Philly and I'm looking for the best possible seats...
    I am seeing section 5 Row 6 for approx $300 ea. They also have Sec 5 Row 2 for $500 ea. but I really didn't want to drop a grand for 2nd row.... $600 I can deal with... (need 2 tix) .... But I am hearing that the floor isn't that good... Is this true? I'm 6 foot tall so I don't think that would be a problem but what about people holding up signs and stuff? Also, is Sec 5 what you see on TV? What about other sections? I am seeing Sec 113 Row 1 going for like $150 bucks ea. but Im assuming that is maybe just a foot or two above the floor anyway...

    So what do you guys think? Also, what can I expect? Is it "worth" it? I'm super excited and need to act fast as I'm sure the seats I mentioned will go quickly... Any tips, suggestions and info GREATLY appreciated!

    Thanks a bunch!
  3. Only Row 3 available... section 5.... Is that ok? Meaning, aren't their backs to me during talking... Also, section 113 row 1 is avail.... THOUGHTS!?
  4. Row 6 doesn't sound so far back, go for it.
  5. [​IMG]

    That's row 6, section 105. You can expect something similar I think.
  6. I've been to a few WWE shows both on the floor and lower level. The floor seats aren't elevated at all, they're flat on the ground. Also the ring itself is pretty tall. I went when I was a kid so I had trouble seeing on the floor but if you are 6 foot you should be alright. I still prefer the lower level seats because you get more of an aerial view.
  7. if you went to a TNA event with that kind of cash you'd probably end up ringside.
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  8. The closest I got was 3rd row to the right of the commentator table. Anything away from corners should be fine.
  9. Friends! Tickets are going quick and I still haven't pulled the trigger... Trying to determine if watching the backs of the performers is worth it? The plus side is ill def be on tv but is it worth it? Can't decide... also hearing alot about RAW losing its "appeal" as of late... ughhh... If the ROCK would be there this would be a no brainer! lol
  10. Raw is nothing but a giant Roman Reigns love fest now
  11. Well, the crowd is hardly giving him LOVE. :smirk2:

    Blame Vinnie Mac.
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