Best sellers in the WWE right now?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Sep 17, 2013.

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  1. In your opinion, who are the best sellers in the WWE right now?

    In my opinion, it is either Slater or Rollins. Slater has always been a good seller as have Rollins and especially since he moved up to the main roster. Look at his TLC sell and the table bump on this Monday. Rollins sells like a king. Especially in a babyface way.

    Who is the best WWE seller in your opinion?
  2. Ziggler is an obvious choice. Rollins selling moves like the running knee is amazing. I've only seen Slater sell a KO punch really good.
  3. I'm split on Ziggler's selling half the time. There are times (like the Payback double turn) where he is great. But there are a lot of other times when he just bumps for the sake of bumping with little psychology connected to the sell. MITB 2012 is a prime example, Gets thrown into the announcing booth and then back right up to run up a ladder and throw off Christian.
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  4. I can agree with the Payback selling. He sold that kick from Del Rio like death. It was awesome.
  5. Right now is either Cena or Ryback.

    All time is Warrior without a doubt
  6. Slater is the GOAT seller.
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    Ziggler,Slater,Ambrose,and, Rollins would be the best physical sellers imo. Del Rio,and, Ambrose would be the best facial sellers.
  8. Ziggler and Slater are the obvious choices, lol'd at when Slater took the the clothesline from hell.
  9. Ziggler, Slater and Rollins are my favorites, I think. Rollins taking that Shoulder Block from Titus at NoC was awesome.
  10. Ziggler, Slater, and Rollins are all terrific sellers, as is Ambrose.

    The guy who doesn't get a lot of credit for his selling (especially lately) is Randy Orton. He sold his ass off against Bryan, Rhodes, and Goldust.

    And let's not forget, the American Dream Dusty Rhodes, who sold the KO Punch like a boss on Monday night.

  11. Ziggler, Rollins and Rollins bump/sell like bosses.
    Ambrose and Heyman would be facial sellers.

    Rio is up there too.
  12. I forgot about Orton. I love it when he sells kicks. Cause his sell is just awesome.
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  13. I think having long hair is a big advantage.
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  14. Mick Foley, I haven't read his book but it is in the newspapers.


    I think Slater is badass at selling.
  15. Sin Cara. He sells his hospital bills in
  16. WWE should support him by firing him.
  17. He'd sell his contract in WWEshop!
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  18. AJ Lee. She makes getting speared look like the end of the world. ^_^
  19. Rollins probably on a move-to-move basis with Ziggler as a very close second (considering I only bother to watch PPVs now, my answer will probably change depending on who had the best sell out of the night out the two of them) but in term of long-term selling, the stuff that I care more about, I'll still go with CM Punk. Can't really make a strong case here as I don't watch a lot of WWE right now but I'd give him the nod back when I still watched it and nobody from the last PPV or two really stood out to me in terms of long-term selling so Punk wins it by default.
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