Best Smackdown of 2012.

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Zamorakian, Feb 10, 2012.

  1. Yes today's Smackdown was the best ever of 2012 IMO. It was so awesome especially the way Bryan got Big Show and Randy Orton into a feud and i so can't wait to see what this will start between Show and Orton.

    I love Randy and i hope he beats the shit out of Show it's just so unfair that he gets to be this big and powerful guy who destroys everyone i mean he can go on and destroy Bryan/Cody or Jinder Mahal but not should he ever get picked to have a feud with Randy nonono.

    Moral of this thread: 02-10-2012 Smackdown was the best Smackdown of 2012 HANDS DOWN!

  2. I'm gonna have to get round to watching it soon, you've set the bar high however.

    Fun fact this is the 2nd attempt at posting this as the site broke last time. It must have had too much win.
  3. The only thing that i love about Bryan is when he screams "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" just to annoy the fuck out of the people, really gives me a good laugh.
  4. This SmackDown was terrible. The only appealing factor is the potential Show heel turn.
  5. Bryan : Yes, Yes, Yes <<<< Napoleon Dynamite : Yessssss

  6. Take away Cody Rhodes' mic work from the opening segment and it was the worst thing ever
  7. Might watch it later on then. It better be good.:dodgy:
  8. You'll be disappointed.
  9. That's appealing?

    What's appealing for me is him retiring, I still wouldn't give a fuck.
  10. Thought you didn't watch it... Show definitely works better as a heel, with his matches with Bryan people want to cheer for the little guy against the big lug. But if you turn Big Show heel, Ted Dibiase and Justin Gabriel will be the #3 and #4 faces (not counting Khali, who knows what he'll be doing after EC), as Wade Barrett and Cody Rhodes would be the #4 and #5 heels (assuming Mark Henry returns as a heel), and we don't know where Christian would wind up in the pecking order. But at least the faces looking like underdogs would help the show.
  11. I like how Ricardo ran over Big Show's leg and shrugged it off like it was nothing
  12. I hate it when this stuff happens, though I suppose it's unavoidable in WWE.
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