Best Spears in the WWE

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  1. Between Edge, Goldberg, Lashley, and Batista; I have found a compilation of the all time best spears in the WWE. So, sit back, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the spears!

    "Compliments of RKO"
    @[Crayo] @[seabs] @[Goldberg] @[Tzesi]
  2. Is it just me or did alot of Edge's spears look weak? He didn't really have the mass to pull it off as a finisher unless it was against smaller guys such as Rey or Jeff Hardy.
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  3. It's not just you, I see it too. Edge is known for his spears though. Look at Batistas spears though. I'd say they match Goldbergs power easily.
  4. Edge hit a different sort of spear, he was running then bending with shoulder. I swear @[Goldberg] leaped into his. His were the best ever, no doubt. Lashley is a close second.
  5. Lashley is a close third @[Crayo], Batistas spears matched Goldbergs easily.
  6. Nah Goldberg is miles ahead. Not even close, Batista hit a couple good ones but normally they were average. Goldberg is just insanely ahead of everyone, Lashley hit a consistent good spear. Edge's were good until his later years.
  7. I agree with this Goldberg looked like he legitimately wanted to hurt you.
    I'd love to see anyone hit a better spear then this :
  8. That didn't look like a very powerful spear right there @[seabs]. lol
  9. Not sure if you're serious @[RKO] lol. Probably one of the best spears I've seen.
  10. My two avorite Batista Spears....

    Batista spears Elijah

    Not sure who this one is on...
  11. 1st one looked like he was caught in mid-air then spine-bustered, not really a good spear. It was too choppy.

    2nd one was a great one, he never consistently hit them that good though. Also, it was on Ted Debiase.
  12. The first one was a spearbuster lol.

    Also, how did Batista not consistantly hit them?
  13. Some of his spears were just lackluster, careless and not consistently good. 99% of Goldbergs legitimately look like they'd hurt you. Batista relied on his size to hit a good looking spear, Goldberg had the size & actually hit a great spear almost all of the time. Hard impact, had the expressions, leap, everything.
  14. Since this is a spear tribute thread :

  15. I'm glad that I am thought of as one of the best at the spear. I love the move that is why i'm pretty good at it.

    It is a very dominant move. It will take down anyone.
  16. Still loving your posts.
  17. @[seabs] and @[Crayo]

    Best of Rhinos spears
  18. I think i rember that game
  19. Cool lol
  20. [video=youtube][/video]​

    OH... I think I misunderstood :ziped: