Best squash/overpowered matches

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Post your favorites here.

    I really like this one:


    Brock is a beast.

    And :tagteammatch: as the ref. lol
  2. Regal vs Goldberg
  3. Video?
  5. Awesome, 'Bork Laser beat up one leg man' LOL :laugh::laugh::laugh:

    Good match, but would not call it a squash match. More of a pure wrestling match.
  6. It was supposed to be a squash match (as all of Goldberg's matches were at that time) but Regal was basically trolling him in the ring. Maybe we could get Goldberg ITT to explain better what was happening since he was in the match
  7. Yeah @[Goldberg] explain this to us.

  8. Regal came to the match having planned what he would do, weaken my arms and legs so I would be less likely to perform my moves properly. That is his style of wrestling and I like it. I think it is very strategic and useful when you know your opponent has moves you know requires a certain part of the body.
  9. Mr Goldberg I've been meaning to speak to you, how would you like to be the 7th member of team excitement at Wrestlemania 28?
  10. :laugh:
  11. Brodus Clay automatically wins.
  12. Brock wouldn't even let Brodus finish his entrance.