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Discussion in 'RAW' started by DashingPerfection, Sep 1, 2012.

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  1. Raw has the best storylines to offer but has the shortest matches to offer.
  2. RAW pretty much has the only relatively decent story lines because it's a live show. SmackDown is just abandoned, though ADR/Sheamus in my opinion was a pretty well booked feud until they stretched it out too long. The match quality on RAW is becoming worse and worse though. All the good matches happen on PPV's -- which is how it should be on PPV's -- but they put no effort into the matches displayed on RAW, it's so generic.
  3. Which is kind off ironic since weren't they focusing on the TV product and it's quality?
  4. Watch NXT.
  5. Raw always got best stories and generally crap matches but SmackDown, it has good matches. NxT has little stories and nice matches. And TNA... Usually Crap Stories but Great Ring in.
  6. Right now Raw really needs to pick it up, get a better general manager then AJ for starters, get more tag team action, use the Divas and put them in feuds, have Cena put over young talent, and so much more. Even WWE Superstars has better storylines right now.
  7. Probably long forgotten. PPV quality has noticeably increased though this year.
  8. Indeed, Raw matches should go longer. It gets storylines because it's the main show, and live. Indeed, SD should be a separated show with its own storylines and etc.
  9. Raw is currently too worried with their story lines as opposed to the actual matches.
  10. This.
  11. You'd think that a show that has 180 minutes would be able to put atleast half of that into matches. The current amount is
    60 minutes commercials
    60 minutes talking
    20 minutes promo
    40 minutes wrestling
  12. I think they only have 40 minutes of actually wrestling :emoji_slight_frown:
  13. Thats what I said :gusta:
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