Best Street Fights in TNA History

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    This Thursday on IMPACT WRESTLING will be an all out Street Fight between the newly reunited Team 3D with Tommy Dreamer and Team Carter with Ethan Carter III, Rockstar Spud and Rhino. takes a look back at some of the best street fights in TNA History which saw everything from the bloody to the down right bizarre... who would have ever thought a fish could be used as a weapon?

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    Bound for Glory 2006:

    8 Mile Street Fight Christian Cage vs. Rhino

    After a rivalry developed between Christian Cage and Rhino stemming from a beatdown on TNA iMPACT!, these two faced off at the No Surrender Pay-Per-View in which Cage won. A rematch was then scheduled for Bound for Glory 2006 in Detroit Michigan under 8 Mile Street Fight Rules. Anything goes so things started outside the arena before the street fight was brought inside with use of a Zamboni! Street signs, lamp posts and more!

    Bound For Glory 2012

    James Storm vs. Bobby Roode

    Special enforcer King Mo of Bellator was brought in to keep things in order for this bout. After Beer Money’s friendship was shattered following Roode’s turn on his former tag team partner over the World Heavyweight Championship, things couldn’t be settled with traditional rules so things needed to be settled through a no disqualification, anything goes street fight. Thing’s were so heated that we saw the use of trash cans, announce tables, chairs, thumb tacks and more in what is probably one of the bloodiest street fights in TNA Wrestling history.

    Destination x 2008:

    Fish Market Street Fight

    Curry Man and Shark Boy vs Team 3D

    In probably one of the strangest matches you will ever see, the stipulation for this match that pitted Team 3D against Shark Boy and Curry Man, was that it would be not just a Street Fight… but a fish market street fight?!

    Lockdown 2009

    Philly Street Fight

    Team 3D vs Beer Money

    The World Tag Team Champions Beer Money granted Team 3D A World Tag Team Championship match at Lockdown in Philadelphia under street fight rules. Team 3D were already the IWGP Tag Team champions and agreed at the chance and would put up their IWGP Tag Team Titles for the match making the winner of the match not only the new TNA World Tag Team Champions but also the IWGP Tag Team Champions!

    Against All Odds 2007:

    Little Italy Street Fight

    Team 3D vs Latin American Xchange

    At Against All Odds 2007 Live from Orlando, FL, Team 3D faced LAX in a non-title bout under Little Italy Street Fight Rules.. What does that mean? Well we do know that anything goes and with things starting in what seems to be an Italian restaurant everything from pizza cutters, to tables and flags comes into play.


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