Best striker in the world.

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Jun 4, 2012.

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  1. No mentioning number 10's like Messi, Rooney, Van Persie etc. I'm talking about out and out strikers. Poachers. For example, Gomez, Falcao, Huntelaar, Pappis Cisse etc.

    Post em'
  2. The ones that come to my mind in no particular order


    Possible bias on my list.. I'm a big fan of all of these guys besides Zlatan
  3. Benzema, Eto'o and Cavani are definitely up there, your knowledge as an American still baffles me.

    I think the Milito, Zlatan and Ballotelli ones are off though. Zlatan maybe, but the other two have been shocking this season :emoji_slight_frown:.

    I personally think Falcao is the best right now with Benzema. Gomez was close but flopped on the main stage. Higuain is up there.
  4. Zlatan flops on the big stage, but he still peps the Italian league. 28 goals is no joke.

    Ballo was a biased choice. Milito is a boss, but yea he would be at the ass end of tier 1 or the top of tier 2. He's not amongst the elite of the elite
  5. Yeah, Zlatan reminds me of Berbatov.

    Have you seen much of Pappis Cisse? The guy who took the BPL by storm.
  6. I know who he is and I've seen highlights but I didn't see any Newcastle games after they brought him in. He is a boss but I wouldn't put him amongst the elite until he does it for more than a handful of games like he did.

    Any word yet on where he will transfer to or is he staying put?
  7. Man he was consistent in every BPL game he played, even against the best of the best but I agree. I think if he does it next year he's in that list. And I think he's staying, it looks like Demba Ba' could be leaving Newcastle though.

    Those goals against Chelsea (sorry for shit quality) blew my mind.
  8. Newcastle would be wise to sell him IMO. I doubt his value will ever be higher than it is right now, and while they aren't a poor club, they could still use a giant injection of cash like they could get from selling him to a power.
  9. Sell who, Cisse or Ba? Ba I agree with, because he flopped and his really was a spell (even though he's a good forward). Cisse it'd be stupid to sell, he's genuine world class imo.
  10. Cisse. He's good, but if they can get 50 million for him? Sell that ass. I'm not sure if they could get that much, he is 27, but if they could I would move him.
  11. They'd move him but they would no way get that much. Also, Newcastle don't have CL football, so who are they going to attract who's equally as talented as Cisse? They need to keep and reinvest in more players to stay there. They have a good foundation with Collochini, Cabaye, Tiote and Cisse as the heart with Krul as an epic keeper. Selling your asset is never a good thing.
  12. Idk, just thinking about it it seems like if you could sell him when he was at his peak value it would be worth it. Say he has a nice season next year, but scores only 14 goals over the course of the season as a whole instead of in only a few matches like he did. They would probably be kicking themselves for not moving him when they could have gotten the maximum amount for him.

    If he proves to be world class and scores 20+ goals next season, then yea, smart move to keep him. But if you could move him now when you will get a shitload for him and bring in 3-4 guys who aren't huge names but they are very good starters, it's worth considering. Just a thought, I really don't have a great understanding of how transfers work for world football like I do for how free agency works in American sports. I don't follow it like I wish I did, mostly because I don't have an outlet here that can keep me up to date on the happenings
  13. Huntelaar and Higuain.
  14. I see your point, but Cisse affectively carried Newcastles CL bid. It's incredibly hard to attract strikers his quality (especially if Demba is going) for the money they paid, and they're not in the CL so that's even harder. Transfers work like this:

    Club A asks Club B if they're willing to sell player and normally attaches a rough offer of X milion.
    Club B either accepts price or says it's not enough or they're not willing to sell
    Club A improves offer and Club B accepts
    Club A then moves onto player negotiations where they talk contract length, wages etc.
    Player then either accepts or rejects personal terms.
    Player accept and Club A signs him.

    Some teams have release clasues. I think Messi's release clause is over 200 million lmao.

    Higuain has only scored in little games though. Benzema is a much better striker than good old Higgers.
  15. Benzema chokes in big games. Like LeBron.
  16. Did you not see how well he played in both Barca games?

    He's like Rooney, even if he doesn't score in a match he can do so much more. I didn't see Higgers scoring in many big matches, Ronaldo carried them :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  17. Yea I know the basics but I don't have a good understanding of when clubs would look to sell players, why, when other clubs think players are available, ect. Some cases are self explanatory like when a great player on a so-so team out performs that team and wants to move to a better club, or things like that.

    How rare is it for a players contract to expire and they are free to sign wherever they want without the club they are going to having to pay a transfer fee? It seems like that is pretty uncommo
  18. Very uncommon. Clubs would start negotiating when there's over a year left. If the player doesn't want to resign, they'll sell so they don't lose money. Not many clubs let their assets go for big money, well, not any big clubs. We done it with Ronaldo because it was £80m, the record signing fee as of this day.

    Lower clubs like Athletico Madrid will eventually sell Falcao like they done with Aguero, they just have to. So yeah the only teams are ones who need money who actually sell their assets. Newcastle don't that's why I don't think Cisse will be sold. They're looking to become a big club again, like Spurs, they won't want to sell Modric or Bale but sometimes you don't have a choice if they want to go.
  19. That's what I thought.

    In Fifa I found a glitch where if I don't re-sign my players they become FAs and they almost always re-sign with me but I get them for like half the wage I would if I re-signed them while they were still on my roster :trolldance:
  20. Bayern Munchen.
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