Best Tag Team Ever?

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  1. Who is in your opinion is the best tag team ever. List your top three if you want. I watch wwe networks top 10 and it really wasn't that good. The number one was obvious, but the rest was kind of all over the place. No Hart Foundation? Huh? I understand the fans voted on it so it's going present date biased, but come on. The Hardy's, Dudley's, and Edge and Christian were all legit. However, the placement of those teams did not have to be Top 5. This just proves that a lot of youngsters do not really understand the game. Are the Dudley's(Just a more modern refernce) really better wrestlers than the Hart Foundation, The Bulldogs, Demolition, or the Rockers. Or is it really a matter of generational preference or the type of match the wrestle.
  2. I think impact is far more important in this type of list. Hart may be a better technician than all six of those combined but he and Neidhart did not re-define tag team wrestling. E&C, Hardys and the Dudleys did with the introduction of the TLC match.
  3. Road Warriors. Bar none.
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  4. True, but tag teams basically died off after them. Something has to be said about that.
  5. Nah. There was still a good couple of years of tag team wrestling after that triple way dance. Smackdown's tag division in 02-05 was golden with teams like los Guerreros, Angle/Benoit etc etc.

    Besides, what can they be blamed for: setting the bar so high no one has topped them since? Being too good at getting over?
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  6. Yea true you got me there.
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    1. The Legion of Doom/Road Warriors
    2. Acolytes/APA
    3. Edge and Christian
    4. Mankind and The Rock (The Rock and Sock Connection)
    5. The Dudley Boyz
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  8. But number 1 are without a doubt the Road Warriors. Without them no way would tag team wrestling have been a big thing in American wrestling, maybe even in Japanese wrestling as well. They were the first tag team to outdraw top singles stars.
  9. Edge & Christian
    Brothers of Destruction
    DX (HHH & HBK)
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  10. My favourite teams

    2.hart foundation
    3.head bangers
    4.too cool
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  11. Road Warriors
    Dudley Boyz
    The Hardys
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  12. Kane and Taker.
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  13. Great team, but were they as good as the head shrinkers
  14. I'm completely biased because of Kane.
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  15. I hear ya bro.....Kane was awesome. He took garbage gimmicks....i.e...Issac Yankem and turned them into a HoF career and then some.
  16. Even in his evil dentist matches you can see his talent
  17. Basham Bros
    Booker T and Goldust
    Public Enemy
  18. This worst list I've ever seen
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  19. Here's my top 3

    Road Warriors
    Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard
    Dudley Boys
  20. You named yourself after a dude who couldn't get the job done as a singles competitor :emoji_wink:
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