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Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Stopspot, Apr 18, 2013.

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  1. Punk is hyped a lot as the best talker in wrestling now, most often by people that only watch WWE. But is that really the case? Without a doubt he is one of the best talkers out there but is he really the best? In this thread my thought was we list some of the guys we think are the best talkers in wrestling now. That way we can see who overall is the best talker (at least on here). It can be any company.

    My list of the best talkers right now in no particular order:
    Jacobs (Age of the fall for the win)
    Bully Ray
    Johnny Gargano (Always solid on the mic, but when he brings his game this man is so bloody alluring on the mic it isn't even funny).

    All these guys are up there with Punk, some of them I'd even say are above him (Heyman, Steen, Ray easily).

    Who are your best talkers in wrestling now?
  2. Hero ? Dudes a great promo.
  3. Hero on a good day is insanely good with the words yes.
  4. Bully is easily the top talker right now, bar none.

    Punk is definitely up there but I'd rather listen to Heyman or AA.

    Daniels and Kaz for comedy are great as well.
  5. Right now would be Punk and Heyman. No one else really stands out to me (and I only watch WWE.)
  6. OP, I agree with your whole list..... but here is one more

    Larry Sweeney(R.I.P.) He is one of the best talkers of all time.
  7. This, and Jericho.

    Roode and Ray are up there as well, and I've not seen enough of Ambrose to compare yet, but he's up there as well. Punk, for me, is the best in wrestling though. Based on consistency alone. I've watched quite a few Steen promos, and I wouldn't put him close to Punk at all, so I'm baffled you put him above him.
  8. Steen has a lot better character integration IMO, I'm a fan boy ( :notsure: if anyone has noticed ) Punk isn't that consistent sadly, he has great peaks but some pretty low troughs plus his delivery lacked variety, he's either pissed off or arrogant. When did Punk show any fear in his promos? Steen has done aggression, comedy and various other styles over the past few years.

    Funny with a bit of sinister thrown in at the end as he threatens to break his neck:


    Hell he even did Punk's own hostage situation better than him

    Both have a great natural style but Punk hasn't been on his A game for a while sadly whilst Steen has been delivering. If Punk was fully on it, him > Steen but off the past few year or so Steen > Punk
  9. What wrestling do you watch Brohan?
  10. WWE!
  11. So. Can you then truly say which wrestler is the best talker in the world when you only watch one company? There are tons of other companies out there and a lot of talkers that are can rival and are better talkers than Punk. If you only watch one company can you then truly say who is the best?
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  12. Exactly, I'm not too down on the indies currently to give a great opinion but if you've never seen Steen, Sami, Gargano, Aries or Roode you can't flat out say X is the best, the best you've seen absolutely but you can't justify it as the best in the world IMO.
  13. In your opinion. I've not found anyone better than Punk, personally. I understand the wrestlers that rival him, and there are loads, but I would PERSONALLY put Punk above them all from what I have seen. I wouldn't put myself down as one of those butthurt CM Punk marks either.

    This is all subjective, and talking about it as fact is pretty pretentious. I personally think DB is the best wrestler in the world, but I have seen numerous users say Austin Aries is. Am I going to argue that? Ofc not.
  14. Damn so it's not just me who's enjoying A double more than anyone else in the ring atm? Both guys are pretty much near to perfection, but, despite the fact he's slightly more botch prone (compared to D-Bry), I just enjoy his style and moveset slightly more. I'm such a mark for the overselling as well.

    As for talkers, I don't think he's been at his best the last few weeks, but Heyman is still miles ahead of everyone besides Bully Ray and possibly Punk at the moment for me. Although the thing that gets me with Punk is that he's not able to generate heat like the other two guys, despite constantly boasting about the same things (bitw, 434 days etc).
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  16. The rest of us would doe :dawg:
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  17. Steen by a country mile he talks a lot of truth and can be very funny as well.
  18. So true, who except from Bully has been better than him in TNA this year? Aries is possible but I'd even say he's been better than Bobby this year thus far.

    I knew I loved you for a reason.
  19. So much love for Steen! :yay:
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