Best "The Dirt Sheet" Episode

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Hannah Bee, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. ..."Mizfits and MoFos"

    I miss them as a tag team... <3 :((

    Miz's dance? at 2:15 was the best, also JoMo's first part:

    They say I’m a hottie.
    The girls all want me.
    They get hungry for peanut butter and Johnny.
    ‘Cause I’m the Shaman of Sexy.
    Shad, tell your mom to stop textin’ me.
    But I guess I can’t really blame her.
    I’m the Honcho of Hotness.
    The lady tamer.

  2. I hated John Morrison.
  3. Because I think that a male who acts as into himself as he did needs to be a heel but when he was a face and still acted like that it was stupid. XD
  4. I know about that. XD Can't deny he's an excellent heel tho.
  5. I think he should only be a heel or have changed his gimmick when he was a face XD
  6. 1st option would be wonderful if it happened. :(( I lost interest while he was a face. Only watched him for my best friend in High School, she was an ex-John Morrison mark. Best days of my life when she was still watching WWE... :[[
  7. Sorry she stopped :emoji_slight_frown:
  8. She stopped because of her family, so no one has the control about it. She met John tho, when they made a show here last January.
  9. That stinks her family made her stop.
  10. It's like that here. I'm just pushing on.
  11. I am a Mizfit