Best theme songs of all time?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by SpaceR, Feb 22, 2012.

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  1. Name your fave 5...

    1. Edge Latest "On this day I see clearly"
    2. Mick Foley
    3. Miz, I Came To Play
    4. Rey Mysterio - Who's that Jumpin out the sky
    5. Undertaker - Rollin'
  2. Edge-Metalingus

    Or else I like this fire burns and christian's theme
  3. How could you forget the NWO theme Spacer? :emoji_slight_smile:

    That and Takers theme are my favorites.

  4. lol i DISLIKE the last 3 themes.

    Mine are

    1)Undertaker - First Theme
    2)Christian - Close your eyes
    4)Rock - Can u smelllllllllllll?
    5)Edge - Last theme
    6)Kane - First Theme
    7)Drew Mcintyre
    8)Hulk Hogan - Real American
    9)CM Punk - Current Theme
    10)Shawn Micheals
  5. Hollywood Hogan- Voodo Chile
    Chris Jericho- Break the Walls Down
    Hulk Hogan- Real American
    Vince & The Corporation- No Chance
    Goldberg- Whatever the hell it's called

    Honorable mention to my current favorite in wrestling: Bobby Roode

    Really hard to narrow it down to 5
  6. Kane, Christian & Edge.
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