Best Thrift Store Grabs?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, May 20, 2014.

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  1. Well I went to the thrift store yesterday and then again today and that's really what prompted me to want to create this thread.

    Day 1 (Standard House Hold Item Trip): Basically I went here in search of a blender and a juicer along with a couple of pots and pans so I could start cooking/preparing some healthier foods for myself.

    I managed to snag all of that (1 Blender manufactured in 2012; 1 Juicer manufactured in 2012 - Same Brand // Both worked perfectly and for $3.99 a piece also got two pots .99 cents a piece both decent sized also three pans, well technically one is a wok but they were also all .99 cents and they were all in really good shape and manufactured in 2011 so not old at all & again very well maintained)..

    omw out I donated some clothes to the back of the store and noticed a huge fucking box of original playstation games and asked the back warehouse manager when they would be available for purchase and he said everything in the box is $2.99 and it will be available tomorrow (earlier today).

    Sure enough I showed up at opening and there the box was with straight up just older playstation games.. Final Fantasy Tactics, 7, 8, 9 and Chrono Cross just sitting there right in the middle of it; each marked $2.99 I was like good god they don't know what they have.. Altogether those 5 games cost me $16+ some tax; looking on amazon and around local storefronts at pricing together those would be like $115 :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    Gotta love good timing and Goodwill for that matter. So that's my story and to be honest I actually have two more but I will save those for later if people care to discuss :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
  2. Yeah, I used to be an Ebay reseller and this was an everyday thing for me.... I have 8 different thrift stores all within a 30 minute drive of me... I've found comic books, games, movies, books, clothing and all kinds of other stuff for next to nothing.

    My best find was a box full of comic books... there was about 200 or so in it... all were bagged and boarded (aka well protected lol).. they wanted .39 cents each.. I talked to the manager and told him I wanted to purchase the entire box and he told me $30 for the whole box. I snatched it up quickly and immediately went home and listed 1 of the comics I saw... New Mutants #98 (1st appearance of Deadpool).. by the evening I had $80 in my paypal from that one comic... I still have some of the comics left and have made over $400 total on the books I've sold thus far.
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  3. Nice dude; that's similar to another story I have, I found a box not too big prlly bout 50 comics in there he wanted like $7 for it at this one "mom & pop" thrift shop. Managed to find like 5 issues of some of the older Daredevil comics; whom I'm not entirely a fan of so I wanted to see what I could get. I think I got like $15-20 each for them. so that wasn't too bad, but I also found a lot of Beast related X-Men comics in there and Beast is my favorite mutant.

    I too used to be an eBay reseller until I forgot to nab the receipt for one of my resale RayBans and then they banned me from selling :emoji_slight_frown:
  4. By the way were the PS1 games green label or black label?
  5. I have been to discount stores that sell new stuff marked down but never used stuff. I have been to garage sales before though. Those are always fun. lol
  6. We have 2nd DVD chains called CEX over here and I bagged WM20 for £4 not so long back in near mint condition just some case damage.
  7. CEX is great. I've found lots of random wrestling dvds really cheap in there. I found Forever Hardcore for 75p.
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  8. Yeah they always have tons in my local CEX. Usually can pick up some recent stuff as well as loads of classic stuff its great for WWE DVD's.
  9. Ralph Lauren polo setup. Some old dude died and let me the fucking hookup - I got 8 polo's for 20$ because it was a special tag day and walked in right as the girl was starting to put the item's away.

    I also have a buddy who got a 360 in 2006 for $50 with two controllers, and i've gotten a grip of decent kitchen appliances over time. I haven't gone in a while but will start up again here soon, just randomly rummaging for an hour or two make's it worth it alone IMO. So much good bad and ugly shit to see.
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  10. Am about to go back there right now (to thrifty ville), was just there and they actually got a bunch of wrestling DVDs/blu rays in like a 4 foot by 4 foot tub.. in but I forgot my wallet haha. They have MITB 2013 on Blu ray there for $1.99 which I set aside; obviously that's a no-brainer buy for a Sandow mark like myself I think I saw mostly PPV DVDs & Best of (Pick a promotion lol) DVDs and a few more blu rays buried that I didn't get a chance to go through.
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  11. What did you end up getting?
  12. 50% of them on the bottom were TNA DVDs so noot much :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:

    I got MITB 2013 on Blu Ray; MITB 2012 on DVD; SummerSlam 2007 or 2008 can't remember.. WM22 & 24 and Triple H King of Kings DVD from like '08 for like $7.50ish
  13. WM 24 DVD or Blu Ray? The Blu Ray is super rare and the DVD is scarce.
  14. DVD cover is in somewhat rough shape.
  15. Your grand dad clothes. I feel incredible.
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