1. Let's remember the glory days of TNA, where live discussions were plentiful and it was the general consensus that TNA > WWE. Here's some:

    James Storm vs Bobby Roode @ Bound For Glory 2012


    The entirety of Austin Aries' X-Division run


    This heel turn, and subsequent title run


    Anything involving Daniels and Kazarian ever


    Aces & Eights (sure they had rough patches, but overall the whole storyline was awesome, and so was Bully Ray revealing how it was all done)

    What's your favorites?
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  2. @Testify you too

    Baby come back... you can blame it all on me.....

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  3. Rain's favorite -

    lol I still lol at that douche's run.

    Taryn vs Gail was the SHIIIT
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  4. [​IMG]
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  5. I wish this dude would NXT honestly.
  6. Ah I remember when Austin Aries was God <3
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  7. Good ol' Cornette

    So many good EGO moments, had to share that one.
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  9. Was?! :aries:
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  10. The summer of 2014 with the excellent finale of having the best heel at the time, go through a table.

    Sure it caused them to get canceled, but who cares.
  11. Miss Daniels and Kaz.

  12. How has @Aids Johnson not posted any Joey Ryan clips yet?

    And the woman who still haunts me.

    (I included one with Kaz and Daniels to dull the pain.)
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  13. This: the two members of my all time favorite tag team putting on an awesome match.

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  14. They're still about and around
  15. For me it has to be the triple threat with Joe, Daniels and Styles easily the greatest match in TNA history. All three men were in their prime and it showcased what that generation could deliver.
  16. Yeah, just miss them on TNA. It's been some time since I've managed to spend free time watching ROH.
    Now if they were to be on the roster for another ROH event down here, I'd be in heaven. <3 No complaints since I met Steen and Cole last time, but would be fantastic to watch Daniels and Kaz up close.
  17. Curious as to why you'd want to see them back in TNA.
    It's not like the company has the talent pool or direction or ability to pay their talent they once had
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