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  1. Alright guys, previously my favorite Triple Threat ever was Rock vs Kurt vs Taker at Vengeance. Before that it was Benoit (psycho killer qu'est-ce que c'est?) vs DDP vs Raven.

    I have a new favorite. Brock vs Cena vs Rollins.

    Let's hear your favorites. I don't know if we can come to some sort of official WWEForums favorite triple threat ever... maybe we can make nominations and vote in a later poll thread but we'll see how discussion progresses first I suppose.:bodallas:
  2. I've always been a huge fan of the Vengeance 2002 triple-threat as well. It honestly doesn't get enough love.

    The Wrestlemania XX triple-threat with Chris Benoit, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels is an all-time classic, though. So is their rematch the following month at Backlash. That cage match between The Rock, Mankind, and Ken Shamrock at Breakdown 1998 is sort of a forgotten gem, and Vengeance 2003's Angle vs Brock vs Big Show is a good one, too (was shocked back in the day that they actually put the title on Angle at Vengeance instead of waiting until Summerslam.) I'd say the one from the Rumble two nights ago definitely deserves to be put in the upper-echelon of triple-threat matches as well. I think I still prefer the Vengeance and WMXX ones, though.
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  3. Wow man, good calls on the Mania deal and the Rock v Mick vs Ken one.

    The latter was the second time I remember Rock getting babyface pops while still a heel. The first time was when he hit the People's Elbow on the ladder against Triple H at SummerSlam 98. Second time was when he did a double People's Elbow on Mankind and Shamrock in that cage match.
  4. I have only been watching wrestling full time since late 2011 so I don't have many popular choices but Orton (c) vs Batista vs Bryan last year is something I will always remember. A great match after Bryan beat Triple H, and I got a moment I can never forget after seeing Bryan and the fans cheering YES! YES! YES! after he finally overcame The Authority and The YES! Movement reigned supreme.
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  5. Yeah I don't know why I didn't throw that in the hat. It really does deserve to be considered in the debate.
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  6. The RKO / Batista Bomb through the table was BANANAS. Risky spot for Orton and Bryan. Dave got lucky on that, he just had to drop the goat haha.
  7. Yep, although I didn't really get the RKO. It looked cool, but Randy just fell with Bryan and landed on a monitor.
  8. Randy probably had it worst on that, yeah. But a lot of wrestling is using your imagination. The combined forces of an RKO AND a Batistabomb... AND through the dreaded announce table? Devastating!!
  9. True... and then when Bryan came back into the match... that was magical. :emoji_grin:
  10. Yeah. They need to build more main event talents than Bryan right now, so that's why Roman is so critical to those efforts. Bryan is clearly WWE title material, and now The Shield, Bray, and Ziggler need to join him there.
  11. Benoit going over at Mania XX for me was the best. I grew up watching Benoit in WCW and really loved his ring work and intensity. Eddie coming down made for one of the greatest moments in wrestling history.

    And of course the match itself was top notch, but ultimately the outcome made it. I was rooting for Benoit, but never expected him to go over HHH and HBK in the main event of wrestle freekin mania
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  12. Before or after the match was officially booked? I'd be amazed to find out anyone actually thought they pushed Benoit that far only to have him lose on the grand stage.
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  13. The match was great when I watched it live. I can't watch Benoit's stuff anymore. I tried recently. It's just bad mojo.
  14. Triple H vs Shawn vs Voldemort/Benoit takes the cake. That story and that pay off.
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  15. The match had great near falls and Trips bled his face off. The reaction at the time for Benoit and Guerrero both winning world titles on the same night was immense. It was a great match for sure, so I can see it being someone's favorite based on the gravity of that, but I feel the Vengeance triple threat blows it away. Watch it on the Network if you haven't seen it recently. It's non-stop action that I haven't seen recreated until Sunday's match. Unreal pacing.
  16. Moreso before he won the Rumble, but even after he won it and then challenged HHH I really didn't think they would give him the win. HHH was known as a burial machine at the time.
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  17. Angle, Jerhico and Beniot for the IC and european title at I think WM 20? I could be wrong but I loved that match three great wrestlers giving it all. I don't know if a tripple threat tag team match would work but the first TLC match really with Edge and christian vs Dudelys vs Hardy's I thought was very awsome.
  18. I really feel that this Triple Threat was the best in history. Not to say there haven't been any other greats....but the contrast of styles and having Rollins in the match....just made it amazing....

    It stole the show and I can see it being match of the year....not sure yet, however....depends on what matches actually take place at Mania...

    After Rollins performance in that match, he not only proved that he can steal the show, but be a main eventer with anyone...that was very impressive.
  19. Id have to go with the Benoit, HBK and HHH triple threat still although I would have to say this one at Rumble was pretty good, definitely in my top 5.
  20. HBK vs HHH vs Benoit at WMXX

    But, Rollins vs Lesnar vs Cena at this year's RR may be my new favorite.
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