Best video player for windows?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Lacky, Oct 15, 2012.

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  1. So I'm looking for some computing people's to be a little interactive here and tell me what's the best video player for windows?

    I currently use VLC Media player but it's having a little trouble from time to time odd FPS drop, stuttering frames and so on.

    I wanted to know what the best alternatives are? I've heard of a couple PotPlayer, KMPlayer, SPlayer, GOM?

    Can you guys recommend me a worthy alternative.


  2. I normally use the default Windows Media Player.
  3. VLC tends to be the best
  4. VLC Player.
  5. Guess, I'll just re-install it then.

    Also you didn't mention [​IMG]
  6. No. VLC isn't the best.

    If you plan on downloading 720p or 1080p movies/tv shows, get MPC (media player classic). VLC doesn't support emulated surround sound, which means surround sound without surround sound. So, if you have a movie that uses something for surround sound, it won't show up. Sometimes this can be crucial for movies.

    MPC emulates it. So if you don't have surround sound you'll be able to hear it.

    MPC is better in every other way aswell. Don't listen to these uninformed hypocritical parasites. Listen to me, as I'm the best in the world at everything I do.
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