Best Way for Christian to Return?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by akapablo_, Apr 26, 2013.

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  1. OK, as we all know, Christian is out on the sidelines with an injury. But, we don't know when he will come back. List some of your ideas on how Captain Charisma will return!
    I think it'll go down like he's a suprise opponent for someone on RAW
  2. Its been so long i don't know if i care that much anymore,He is just going to be wasted. He has had a good career despite what some may think and should retire.
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  3. In the tag-team division. A legendary tag-team performer like Christian could be used perfectly to help rebuild that division.
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  4. No titles? (Tag team, singles?) I think that the way WWE has being doing things with Christian is just dumb. He was one of the pioneers of the TLC Match, and then he's shit today!
  5. Yeah let him hold tag-team gold as a heel. Christian and Rhodes could be good, but they need an actual gimmick. Something goofy but entertaining, which we know Christian can pull off.
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  6. I agree, but not with Cody..
  7. Yeah I'm losing patience with Cody as well. Maybe even Ryder? :lol1:
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  8. Idk but I'm about tired of Christian's injury gimmick.
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  9. Don't care for Christian at this point, tbqh.
  10. Well WWE doesn't care him just like our members. He will a midcarder. A player of United States, Intercontinental or Tag Titles. I think he should go for World Title again as he had done a great job there. As a Captain Charisma fan I really want him to leave WWE and go back to place where he can be successful and a place he gets respect, TNA!
  11. Would like him feuding with Cesaro. They could pull off great matches
  12. Probably will come back and feud with Jericho.
  13. After so long, I've lost my hopes for a Christian return where he does something relevant but a feud with Cesaro would indeed be good.
  14. He fights with Barret for the IC title and wins it.
  15. I don't care for Christian any longer really. What is there really left for him to do? He's like Rey Mysterio at this point, always making comebacks and then always leaving soon after because of another injury. I wouldn't mind if both of them just called it a day (though neither guy is even 40 yet, but WWE are already supposedly encouraging Rey to retire because of his knee problems.)
  16. Maybe he'll make a surprise return at Extreme Rules eh? :ksi:
  17. :hmm: Maybe if there's a jobber battle royal for the #1 contendership for the IC on the pre-show he can return and beat a young star who should be being used better for the IC and do nothing with it until he jobs for it. oh wait
  18. lol wait what?
  19. My best bet is that he turns heel and feuds with Miz for a match at Payback.
  20. The only thing i see Christian winning now is either the U.S or IC title and holding them for a couple of months then going into a possible feud with any random person, dont know who could have a decent feud with him. I used to be a fan of his from The Brood/Edge and Christian days and kinda went off him when he went solo. When he returned in 2009, I thought i would give him a chance and well i was surprised :emoji_slight_smile:
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