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  1. Google Chrome

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  2. Mozilla Firefox

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  3. Apple Safari

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  4. Microsoft Internet Explorer

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  5. Netscape Navigator

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  6. Other

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    Google Chrome: A fast alternative browser that owns more of the market share than any other, beating Internet Explorer in 2011. The great quality doesn't come without consequences as the Chrome has a major strain on older PC's while having no strain on graphically less OS such as Windows 8-8.1 and Mac OS 10.8-Current.

    Mozilla Firefox: Made by the now renowned Mozilla company. The second line up of browser's by Mozilla being the successor to Mozilla Phoenix which is still available at Firefox which is plagued by add on issues and the interface which usually has many graphical strains on all computers alike is currently the second largest market holder beating Internet Explorer in 2011.

    Safari: The native Apple browser released in 2003 for all Macs and in 2006 for Windows. Made to compete with the then largest market holder Internet Explorer was met with average to bad reception due to having no tab options or a good web engine to run. Not to mention Internet Explorer had been leading the market for almost 10 years and 8 years at the time of Safari's release.

    Internet Explorer: The native Microsoft browser that's 19 years old, had been leading the market in browser's for nearly 20 years, beating main completion Netscape or Mosaic in 1995 Internet Explorer was met with great reception as the Internet community hadn't met such great capabilities sadly Microsoft kept the same formula and it still has the same components as it had in 1995, meaning IE is the same since 95.

    Opera: A light weight yet somewhat slow browser if you have older computers, made as a research project in 2002 it was released in full in 2003 leading the underground market until Mozilla popped in and left Opera with out an audience but still Opera hasn't given up and is operated today.

    Netscape: The original web browser made in 1994 and released in 1995 was made in a college dorm and was named Mosaic, after some hefty business moves it had grown into a corporation and was re-named Netscape to shadow it's "Better is Cooler" theory after a while IE was released destroying Netscape, Netscape is no longer operated and closed down in 2008.


    Internet Explorer:
  2. Google Chrome, in my experience, has always worked better and faster than any other I've tried. My secondary is Firefox. The worst, in my opinion, is Internet Explorer.
  3. Opera, it really works well even on my Windows ME-2000 PC and it really is fast and has no RAM or memory problems and i vote others. OPERA!
  4. Opera is essentially Chrome now.
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  5. Chrome is my fave but Opera is a close 2nd, I think the reasoning behind that is explained via Solidus' post.
  6. Chrome. Mainly due to the spell checker whilst at work makes doing certain things that little bit easier.
  7. I used Opera for a long time, mainly because it did everything I needed it to, but I mainly just use chrome these days since it synced all of my settings between laptop, PC and work computer.

    Chrome is also is the easiest to get working when working on something, since it's compatible with most of the newer technologies and seems to handle them a lot better given it's running Google's in-house built javascript engine, meaning it'll always be cutting edge.
  8. Chrome and I are not working that good, so Firefox and Opera for me! :emoji_slight_smile:
  9. Whoever voted IE is either a troll or an idiot. Chrome does it's job, I like Opera too.
  10. Joogle is the work of the devil. It's why I use Chrome.
  11. Chrome for me. Firefox was horrendous on my computer. Opera is my alternative if Chrome fucks around. Internet Explorer I only use at work. Safari is something I never got into. Netscape the same as Safari.
  12. Firefox is what i like to call a good thing gone bad, i use Opera since their was a breech in my Chrom causing random pop-ins i use IE for School since it has word integration and Opera is my default. I use Safari every now and then and Netscape is just flat out bad.
  13. I used Safari for a while but then I was Born Again when I downloaded Chrome.
  14. Chrome has always been my browser since I got it like a year ago. The only bad thing is that always after 3 months. It crashes and I have to delete it and re-install it. I voted for IE for the shits and giggles.
  15. Firefox is my favorite. Been using it for like 4 years now.
  17. Edge is the best for how I use the net. Never had any problems, unlike with chrome (Refusing to load any pages) and firefox (Refusing to download anything)
  18. Google Chrome.
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