Best/worst seller in the WWE

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  1. Best: Ziggler
    Worst: Kevin Nash?
  2. Best: Ziggler
    Worst: Mason Ryan
  3. Best: Ziggler
    Worst: McMahon/Batista
  4. Best : Dolph or Trent Baretta
    Worst : Nash , HHH or Cena

    Admittedly a thread about selling can't be complete without abit of Batista

  5. Damn you, was going to post that EXACT same video.
  6. When I said about Batista being the worst seller, that's the EXACT video I was referencing :emoji_hushed: Spooky.
  7. Lmao at that vid ^.

    Never seen it before, is it definitely him mocking Hogan?
  8. Yes. Rumors are that Shawn was unhappy with the way the match was booked. Check the video description. Lol
  9. Lmao wow, Hogan could never let someone go over him.
  10. Explain what overselling is?
  11. Over-acting. Jumping around like Ric Flair when in reality it'd just knock you over.
  12. Ah, then Ziggler is the best, and Nash is the worst.
  13. Since you mentioned Flair I think this deserves a mention...
  14. Best? Ziggler
    Worst? Superman < i think you know who i mean
  15. Lol Cena? I think he's not as bad as people say personally. Not exceptional but he's no Mason Ryan lol.

    That Ric Flair video is so funny.
  16. ah i guess Cena isnt bad its just i hate his superman character that can with stand anything especially in his i quit matches

    Made just for you :emoji_slight_smile:.

    Forgot to add Khali, he's a pretty terrible seller.
  18. Ziggler is easiest the best seller in the whole WWE.
    I don't know who the least is, maybe Cena.
  19. It seems to unanimous Dolph is the best here however I'm going to throw out a few other.

    Rey Mysterio, Trent Baretta and The undertaker. All have different ways of selling. Taker is more psychological imo see the matches with HBK and HHH at previous Manias. His facial expression makes it for me. Rey and Trent are just the rag doll kind of sellers like Ziggler were they'll bump every which way possible.
    Also Evan Bourne looks like he's been hit with a train after a big move imo.