WrestleMania Best WrestleMania rivalry?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by PSachkovsky, Mar 22, 2013.

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  1. Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker

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  2. Triple H vs. Undertaker

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  3. Steve Austin vs. The Rock

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  4. Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant

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  5. Ultimate Warrior vs. Hulk Hogan

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  1. What rivalry was your favorite?
  2. Austin/Rock, Hogan/Andre, & HBK/Hart are all good. Hogan/Piper also.
  3. Austin vs Rock hands down, their Wrestlemania 17 bout and build was perfect and still seems to be to this day.
  4. Want to add Punk/Joe and Rock/Foley to the ones listed above.
  5. Wrestlemania :dawg:
  6. Having watched the Austin/Rock match, it's good to see two entertaining superstars in their prime.
  7. Senhor plays his senile old geezer gimmick to perfection.
  8. Fuck me, LOL. Ummmm I meant Punk/average "Joe" Chris Jericho.

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    hopefully someone buys it :otunga:
  9. Everything about the Wrestlemania 17 Austin/Rock encounter was perfect. The fact that it was two of the greatest ever in their prime squaring off with both as baby faces, the sit down interview with JR leading up to the event, the match itself, etc. Even the ending with Austin going heel was done perfect, it's what came afterwards that was disappointing.

    Being objective, I think Hogan body slamming Andre and ending his 15 year streak (not really) was the biggest Wrestlemania moment ever. Wrestlemania 3 in general is still recognized as the biggest (or one of the biggest) events that WWE ever produced.
  10. For the record, the reason I voted for every feud was just to see if I could. It's probably not a good idea to create a poll where somebody can vote for all options. Though personally, I think it defeats the purpose of a poll to be able to vote for multiple, but I understand the arguments against that.

    Also, Hogan/Warrior seems like an odd choice on the poll. Don't get me wrong I loved that match, but every other match has had multiple Mania encounters (and all except Austin/Rock at back to back Manias - technically Trips/Taker too). Dudleyz/Hardyz/Edge & Christian would've been a better choice (and probably would've topped for me personally had I seen the build) as it fits with the other three. I realize you're not necessarily asking the multiple Mania ones, but that's how I interpreted the question and how I'm going to choose to answer it as it's a lot easier.

    As for my actually answer, personally it's Shawn/Taker. In the defense of every other Mania feud, I was absent for the build of the other options sans Trips/Taker, so I can just talk about the match quality for those. Trips/Taker was good in both regards but it didn't match HBK/Taker in either of those. Austin/Rock I never saw the build, but the matches don't do much for me. XV was just alright. The middle of X-Seven has me bored out of my mind (yes, I'm very much a wrestling heretic), but the beginning and end was good. XIX's my favorite of the bout but I still didn't care for it much. Hogan/Andre I only saw the III bout and thought it sucked big time (though it did build to the finish nicely, give credit where it's due). Shawn/Taker's build was great, and so where the matches, even if I think XXV was just average-slightly above average and highly overrated.

    Objectively, I think it's a toss up between Hogan/Andre & Austin/Rock. Hogan/Andre isn't the clear winner because their Mania IV bout has to be taken into consideration and without accounting weight, it's probably enough to bring it down to the point where Rock/Austin beats it.
  11. Of course people would vote Austin/Rock. I voted HBK/Taker.
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