Best wrestler in TNA?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Feb 21, 2012.

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  1. Who do you feel is the best wrestler in TNA?

    Was close between Aries and Styles for me, but went for Styles.
  2. I love Styles, but Austin Aries is close.
  3. Styles is probably the best in ring competitor in the world. He can do everything, he was always a great high flier but over the past few years he's got his ground game sound also.
  4. Kurt Angle, but Aries is my favorite
  5. 1. Austin Aries

    2. Christopher Daniels
    3. A.J. Styles
    4. James Storm
    5. Bully Ray
    6. Bobby Roode
  6. Roode > Storm & Ray wrestling wise.
  7. JoeRulez you must be some sort of nincompoop. Kurt Angle won a gold medal with a broken friggin neck
  8. Not currently, Bully Ray is one helluva brawler right now, the way he incorporates him character into the matches is magnificent.

    Angle is an all time great, but he's too repetitive these days, he needs to step up in this feud with Jeff Harvey in order to come in Top 5 again.
  9. Well at least you've given good reasons for your choices, I still personally prefer watching Roode than Storm or Ray. Big fan of Ray though.
  10. I'd rather watch Bully Ray than just about anyone right now, but Storm > Roode?? No way
  11. Top 5, non-order:

    - Styles
    - Aries
    - Daniels
    - Roode
    - Williams

    But if I have to choose one, I'd go with Daniels (a slight bias though). All of them are top notch wrestlers right now and all shine. Too bad Douglas Williams isn't more often on the show.
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