Best wrestlers in WWE?

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  1. Best wrestlers in WWE currently?
    • Dolph? Ziggler
    • Cody Rhodes
    • Wade Barrett
    • Chris Jericho
    • Christian

  2. Barrett?? Not even close

    Bryan, Punk, Ziggler, Jericho, and Del Rio would be my top 5
  3. Orton, Cena, Rhodes, Sin Cara, Jericho.
  4. I think Barrett's alright to be honest. I like him.
  5. If Barrett were even a decent wrestler he would have been world champ in 2010. He's not horrible, but he's far from one of the best wrestlers in WWE
  6. Theres many I can't really choose.

    I'll just throw in the top ten

    - CM Punk
    - Daniel Bryan
    - Chris Jericho
    - Randy Orton
    - John Cena
    - Dolph Ziggler
    - And who I think is better than DZ and John is Cody Rhodes!
  7. Your crazy, Cena's debut match alone has been better than any matches that Ziggler has ever had.
  8. Cena's debut match was awesomeness.
  9. You're*
  10. Yeah, but he had Kurt Angle as his opponent, and he still did an excellent job. Probably the best, or one of the better debuts in history, even though he lost.
  11. Yeah I said Cody Rhodes though but you have a good point. I never watched the full and just watched it. It looked freaking awesome but now it brings the question of why people say he can't wrestle? He's carried so much people at PPVs.
  12. Daniel Bryan, Dolph Ziggler, Sheamus and Cody Rhodes. Christian too, when he comes back.
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  13. Christian! Nuff said...
  14. Best wrestler:

    Bryan Danielson, when he finally debuts
    Eddie Guerrero, right now
    Chris Benoit, right now
    Randy Orton
    Kurt Angle
  15. Agreed, Barrett is no where near the top 5 for best wrestlers. I agree with your list though I'd be tempted to remove ADR for Cody Rhodes. Presuming your list isn't in order. Though I'd put Orton in the mix, he was WWE's best wrestler in 2011.

    Completely not true, I can't stress how wrong that post is. Dolph is THE best seller in WWE, and is easily up there as one of the best workers now. Like him or hate him, he's epic in the ring.

    Finally, someone said it.
  16. My list was in no order, but yea ADR/Rhodes/Christian are all really close in my book.
  17. Even though you're an Orton hater, you can admit he's in their league too?
  18. 1) Taker
    2) Orton
    3) Punk
    4) Ziggler
    5) Kane
    6) HHH
    7) Jericho
    8) Cena
    9) C. Rhodes
    10) Big Show / Sheamus
  19. Can't do it.

  20. Gotta agree with Taker, always number 1. Most of this list is true
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