Best WWE/F Woman's Wrestler Ever?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Star Lord, Sep 9, 2013.

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  1. Who do you guys think that from since the woman's division started till now who has been the best WRESTLER?
  2. Trish for me. Best overall total package.
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  3. I was thinking the same. You can also count Sara Del Rey too because she is signed by WWE just as a trainer.
  4. Trish FTW
  5. Brock Lesnar :pipebomb:
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  6. John cena :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:ipeboob:
  7. Serious thread, Please make real posts.
  8. Chyna, Won the IC Championship!
  9. A lot of people mistaken favorite for best ever (in one's opinion). My favorites are Lita and Beth Phoenix. Best ever....that's a tough one....there are a few great ladies out there....I would honestly put Lita, Beth and Trish at the top...but, still, hard to narrow it down to who I would think was truly the best of the bunch.
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  10. Gotta say Lita, mostly because I prefer her style over Trish's. I do think Trish is great, but I lean more towards Lita since she was a more innovative Diva at her time, having a great moveset, being part of good storylines, great heel, and was pretty good on the mic.
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  11. It's a difficult question, there so many good wrestlers, anyway, i don't know how to judge them.
  12. Does someone who's a phenomenal wrestler even though she was turrible in WWE count? Gail Kim.
  13. Lita was so good. I never understood all the hype around Trish.
  14. Lita
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  15. Lita. She put on great matches, She had a great moonsault.
  16. You're making it sound like she was bad. She was the total package Diva. Looks, In-ring skills and mic skills.
  17. I would say it is between Beth, Trish and Lita.
  18. My vote goes with Lita and followed closely by Trish
  19. Fabulous Moolah
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