Best WWE matches so far this year.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Rysenberg, Jun 23, 2012.

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  1. In your opinion.

    My picks in order:

    Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk - Over the Limit - This did exactly what was expected of it. I literally could not take my eyes off it for the entire duration of the match. At the time I felt that lack of story quality maybe ruined it a little, however ****3/4 for me.

    Brock Lesnar vs John Cena - Extreme Rules - What an amazingly original match this was. I don't think any wrestling promotion has ever done a match quite like that one. The only reason this isn't the top match and five stars is because of that abomination of a finish. ****1/2

    Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus - Extreme Rules - Absolutely amazing performance from Daniel Bryan again. Give him 20+ minutes against anyone and he will produce a great match. Kudos to Sheamus as well, a decent performance from him. ****1/4

    Undertaker vs Triple H - Wrestlemania 28 - Great emotion in this match. Crowd were incredible and they really made the match for me. ****1/4

    Dolph Ziggler vs Sheamus - No Way Out - This match reminded me so much of the Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus match at Extreme Rules, not because of the style of wrestling because Dolph is not that similar to Daniel Bryan in that respect, but more because of the fact it was a great wrestler having to try carry Sheamus in a match again. The match was every bit as good as Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus match quality wise however due to lack of length it only gets ****

    Chris Jericho vs Alberto Del Rio vs Randy Orton vs Sheamus - Over The limit - Was a really fun and entertaining match. There were three good-very good competitiors in that match but out of them all Chris Jericho really did shine. He made the match a great match instead of just a very good one. ***3/4

    CM Punk vs Chris Jericho - Extreme Rules - Much better than their 'Mania affair, the match was great, though I felt with the talent of the two men involved it would be a better match to be honest. It got really flat in the middle and the ending was a little anti-climatic.***3/4

    Dolph Ziggler vs CM Punk - Royal Rumble - Their TV match a few months before was much better to be honest. However I still really enjoyed it, it was only ruined by too much involvement of Laurinaitis and the complete burial of Ziggler at the end. ***1/2

    The Rock vs John Cena - Wrestlemania - The atmosphere for this match was sensational. It was a pretty poor match quality wise and the bear hug spots were so boring. The occasion and ending made up for it though and I enjoyed it. ***1/2

    Those would be my choices. By the way just posted the matches if you want, you don't have to do the reviews just interested in people's favourites.
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  2. I agree with you. If you're counting TV (internet) matches, I really enjoyed all the Kidd vs McGillicutty bouts this year.
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  3. That's a very good shout actually. I just was looking for Raw/SD/PPV matches however that could easily be up there. Just lacked atmosphere.
  4. Cena vs Bigshow
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  5. THIS :yay:
  6. I thought Rock vs Cena sucked dick. I was literally bored and wanting it to end.

    Cena/Lesnar was by far my favorite match of the year. It was very unique and different from most great matches. It would have been 5 stars if the ending was planned out better (not even Lesnar winning, just something more than one punch and one fireman's carry onto steps)
  7. I was one of the few who seemed to be interested in the Rock/Cena match. I guess it's kinda of lost it's meaning now as I thought the ending had to be for a slow heel turn, I guess it wasn't.

    Totally agree on Lesnar/Cena. It could have been the best match for years if they hadn't fucked up the finish. Brock should've kicked out of the FU on the steps and beat him, making him look mega-strong but not stupidly strong.
  8. The ending sucked, for sure. It was horrible, I'm pretty sure I was pissed off when I saw it.
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