Best WWE PPV so far this year?

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  1. Go, choose yours.
  2. wrestlemania, punk vs y2j. even though y2j's better, obv. and Taker vs HHH.
  3. Extreme Rules was a fantastic PPV. Punk/Jericho was very good match despite the underwhelming finish. SHeamus vs Bryan was an absolutely fantastic match and got Bryan over brilliantly. And Cena vs Brock was one of the most original matchesI've ever seen in the WWE. I genuinely don't think there has ever been a match quite like that one in the history of wrestling. Shame we'll probably never see like that again, and that Cena won it in ridiculous circumstances.

    Wrestlemania would come second and Over The Limit third, mainly because of the Christian Rhodes match and the incredible Bryan/Punk match. Lets just try and forget about that abomination of a main event.

    2012 has actually been a really good year for PPVs, only Elimination Chamber has been really bad so far.
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  4. Over the Limit. I really liked the Fatal 4-Way, Bryan vs Punk, Christian and Rhodes didn't have a bad showing, and the Battle Royal was nice too.

    Extreme Rules may have been the better overall show, but the end of that show... WWE still hasn't recovered from that. It ruined both characters involved and set a bad precedent for the rest of the year.

    'Mania had a lot of terrible stuff, but what we expected to be good, was good.
  5. Totally forgot about the fatal-4-way. Despite the fact I think Del Rio and Orton are both good/very good performers IMO Jericho practically carried that match.
  6. WM29 so for but MITB is coming and both of then 2010 and of chose 2011 were the Best PPV of though year in 2010 and 2011 so WM29 better watch out b/c MITB PPV of 2012 is coming!
  7. IMO Punk v Y2J at ER was a much better match than their WM match.
  8. Either ER or OTL. Cena winning against Brock and his entire match with Ace were atrocities, but the rest of the shows were pretty good. Bryan vs Sheamus, Bryan vs Punk, Fatal 4 Way, Christian vs Rhodes, etc. WM was just like Rainman said, what we knew was going to be good, was good.
  9. ER and OTL were great paperviews, especially ER. I don't think the papeviews have been that bad this year in all honesty.
  10. Agreed. Extreme Rules was the best one for this year so far.
  11. ER and it isn't even close IMO.

    Let's face it, even though the ending sucked we were ALL marking like children during the Lesnar match. It was fuckin epic.
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  12. Dolph's just put a positive spin on something.
  13. This would be my exact post. Shocked you posted it though.
  14. Not sure why it's so shocking to you hoes. I was very open with my level of fanboyism for Brock's return and this match.

    Both title matches on the card were good as well, so it's easily the WWE PPV of the year thus far (and will likely finish the year as the best) . Wrestlemania flopped IMHO, and while most of you loved OTL, I barely paid attention to it lol.
  15. Yo extreme rules man awesome card went there live ofc I'ma say that's my favorite. All ppvs have been real good except i definitely think nwo was pointless.
  16. ER by miles and then WM as despite a lot of negatives the good for me was really good and raised it to a awesome PPV.

    Well that of the crate of beer me and my mates consumed during WM lol
  17. Extreme Rules, obviously.
  18. Imo WM absolutely sucked hard.
  19. Extreme Rules has gotta top it all off. Mania was a major disapointment. Over The Limit was not up to a good standard. Punk vs Bryan was the only decent match. No Way Out was ok, due to finallyt getting Lauranaitis out.
  20. It really did. Two good matches was literally it, and one (punk/Jericho) while being good, still could have been better. The other was obviously HHH/Taker, and while I enjoyed the match I wasn't nearly as bullish on the match as most were.
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