Best WWE segments of our time

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  1. We are in an era of wrestling where we aren't going in any particular direction, but kissing up to sponsors.
    But we have Plenty of awesome moments, heres a small list of some great moments of the late 2000's

    Mark Henry punking us all - I knew people who cried because of that segment where mark Henry said he would retire and put up a good tear-jerking promo, Then he flips it all around, and makes everyone of us feel like idiots. :emoji_slight_smile:

    Daniel Bryan fighting the shield on smackdown - I cant remember the date but it was recent and it was at the end of a smackdown show, and he got the loudest pop I've heard in forever.

    There's plenty more but in your opinion whats some of the best segments as of late?
  2. :lol1: That's the magic of professional wrestling, only here we can be like :yay: We're idiots!

    Anyway, how far back are we talking? The best segment as of late (besides the ones you mentioned) was when the Shield beat down the Rock imo. Loved every second of that.
  3. D'Z Cashing in
    D-Bry pwning The Shield
  4. Since I started watching again in 2010:

    -Nexus debut (what pulled me back into wrestling, I was channel flipping and it caught my attention)
    -Christian winning his first WHC in the ladder match w/ ADR (great moment, WWE ruined it 2 days later)
    -Rock's return
    -Punk's "shoot" that rocked the wrestling world
    -Ziggler winning MITB/Cash in
    -Ziggler/ADR double turn
    -Bork's return
    -Henry smashing Big show through a cage, terrorizing the sound guy & the trash talk that went with it
    -Henry trolling Cena

    all I got for now

  5. add this Miz promo. I really liked him at the time before he got stale and lame.
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