Best WWE Superstar Theme Music?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by catlady, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. In your opinion, which wrestler in the WWE/WWF has/had the best suiting theme music to go along with his/her character?

    I have to go with Mark Henry :pity:
  2. All time: The Sandman- Enter The Sandman

    Current: CM Punk- Cult of Personality
  3. John Cena - Basic Thugonomics

    Randy Orton - Legend Killer

    Randy Orton - Viper

    Jeff Hardy
  4. Going to use this one since he used in WWE can't remember when though.

  5. That song is on wwe13 & I can't for the life of me understand what he is saying.
  6. The best one i've ever seen live was Bryan Danielsons in ROH. My buddy that passed away and I would fuckin' scream IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN
  7. He's saying so fuck your rules man, but it's bleeped
  8. Great minds think alike.

    I'll mark out so hard if he ever uses it in WWE.

    ITS THE FINAL COUNTDOWN!! :yes::yes::yes::yes::yes:
  9. No I got that part, its the rest of the song. lol
  10. I don't know but it's hardcore and fits her character.
  11. Suiting their character? Stone Cold IMO. At the moment I would say it is CM Punk, it was horrible for him as a face - but it's awesome for him as a heel.
  12. The undertaker
  13. Little Jimmy
  14. The Undertaker
  15. We talking for impact it has on the crowd or our fave tune?
  16. Stone Cold's 2nd glass shattering theme (he started using a slightly different one in 1998 than his first one in 1996)
    Hulk Hogan's All-American theme
    Goldust's theme
    Ultimate Warrior's theme
    Undertaker's original theme (from 1991-1994)
    Shawn Michael's theme

    Runner up: Jake Roberts's first theme. But I also liked the way his second theme started off with Jake saying "Trust Me" in a creepy way. Would have been perfect if they could have combined both into one theme.
  17. d-generation x theme
    Undertakers american bad ass themd
  18. For me was always the Ultimate Warrior's theme music - combined with a 100kg + dude in make up and tassels running down the ramp in to the ring - what an awesome sight!
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