Best WWE Superstar themes

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  1. King of Kings HHH
    Randy Orton (legend killer) Burn in my light
    The rock heel theme
    stone cold heel theme
    undertaker ministry
    kane 1st theme burned
    DX Theme
    Mr. Mcmahon No chance in hell
    John Cena My time is now
  2. HHH (The Game), Punk, Evolution, RVD (One of a Kind), Bryan... just a few off the top of my head.
  3. Here's a list that I like.

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  4. Cool list Jose, I like most of the themes in there, especially Nash's.
  5. Yeah me too, Nash's remastered edit of Rockhouse was cool. The original NWO theme is short and older, so the quality of the sound is a bit off. With this one, it's just pure HQ sound, which I really like.
  6. I remember when reports said that Nash was going to get off TV, and most complaints were about not listening to Rockhouse anymore. :haha:
  7. Edge.

  8. Lmao, how good was it to hear it again when he returned? Damn.. :gusta:


    How can I forget, Crayo!

    Goose bumps..

    Same with this one..
  9. Randy Orton and John Cena's 1st themes
    Triple H and Edge's current themes
    Ted DiBiase Jr.'s
  10. Hulk Hogan's Real American Theme
    Stone Cold's first theme
    Undertaker's first theme and the Ministry theme
    'Psycho' Sid's theme
    CM Punk's original theme
  11. I'll try avoid the ones already posted

    Show Spoiler

    Controversial but still an incredible theme.

    My favourite possibly.

    Cause it reminds me of Here Comes The Pain


  12. __________

    idk how to add spoilers
  13. Am I the only one who despises HHH's theme then?
  14. No, you just despise Triple H. :bury: :dawg:
  15. Probably, I've seen lots of people who despise HHH, but I've never seen someone who doesn't like his theme song before.
  16. which one? Time to Play the Game or My Time?
  17. All of them.
  18. l
  19. Time to play the game.

    I just despise that song. Not because of HHH - I've never liked it. I mean it's good for a WWE theme but I really do hate that song.
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