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  1. We've had a thread like this before, but let's start a fresh one, because it consists of loads of YT videos and most of the posts have bad code because of the move.

    What are your favourite WWE video packages over the years? Only two per post, else you can take all the good ones :tough:.

  2. This makes everything these days look small in comparison. One of the most anticipated Wrestlemania main events of all time (WM17 still has the record for the most domestic buys, they didn't count international buys back then.) Perfect video package.
  3. You just post the YT link now, it embeds automatically :emoji_slight_smile:.

    Wrestlemania 17 is the one I started off with last time. That package is insane.
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    This one and the Austin/Rock WM17 already posted are probably my favorites.
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  5. Much like the actual match itself, I don't really care for the Rock/Austin WrestleMania X-Seven promo. Both have moments of utter brilliance but overall I don't care for either. I'll explain the video package as I get into my favorite and do a little comparison but before that my reasons against the X-Seven package isn't what you'd call fair.

    Anyway, the Shawn/Taker promo posted by Delbusto is by far my favorite WWE video package. Nothing even comes remotely close. Everything about it's just exceptional and it's pretty much the biggest reason why I stopped dreading the rematch and started getting really excited about it. I've watch this four minute package so many times and I love it the same as much as when I first watched it. I really love how well the illustrate Shawn's mindset (through the visuals, effects, and even the song), his descent into madness if you will, and tell a strong narrative. And I like how it doesn't never resorts to just showing pose-finisher-pose-finisher etcetera. And yes, it's not always a finisher but that doesn't make it anymore visually stimulating, it doesn't get me hyped though, it just makes the package feel stagnant to me and honestly gets me bored. I understand the reason for it and no, it's not necessarily a flaw but refer back to my first paragraph. Also, one thing that really helps the Taker/Shawn promo is the song. Placebo's version of Running Up That Hill is not only extremely fitting for this video, but it's also one of my favorite songs (okay, not really impressive, I have a ton I can list as one of my favorites but still) and probably my second or third favorite cover ever (Hurt by Johnny Cash is number one; The Book of Love by Peter Gabriel is the one challenging Placebo for the second spot . . . Book of Love probably wins though, god I'm making a terrible case). The song in the Austin/Rock one on the other hand, I hate that song. Not only do I hate that song, but I question how much it fits. Now, I wasn't watching at the time but if the feud was really essentially just, "No fuck u Imma win ua luz" then yeah it fits but based off the rest of the video package, I'm guessing there is a little more depth to the feud than that. I'm sorry, but when I hear the words and the delivering, that song just comes across as a juvenile crybaby wannabe gangstas declaration of war and let's just say I was not surprised to find out this was a Limp Bizkit song. And unlike Kate Bush, Fred Durst (assuming he wrote the song) isn't capable of writing interpretative lyrics. Running Up That Hill's lyrics are open to interpretation and can thus lend itself easily to work in a different context, the context for My Way will always be the juvenile trash, in my opinion. It has no depth to it. Anyway, I could get into a whole review of the song here and why I don't think it fits (Like the chorus heavily featuring the lyrics "this time," the implication here being that before this feud Austin/Rock didn't do things their way, and were both essentially model employees) but I don't really want to and I think I've made the impression this song leaves on me is relatively clear.

    Now that that's done with, I actually have one to share. It's not on the same level as the last one/tw but it's one I've always really liked . . .

  6. Yeah that one is incredible.

    This one is pretty awesome (even though the feud wasn't)


  7. For recent ones this is always my answer
  8. Doesn't have to be recent, can be any.
  9. Ya I got that was just saying also how the fuck has no one posted this yet?


    I tend to prefer the more recent ones mainly due to the product lacking compared to the old days, they make it look on a level par for 3 minutes at least.
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