Best WWE/WWF matches of all time.

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  1. Each of you must list two matches, the next person says which is is favorite of the two and then lists two more for the next person to choose from.
    Here it goes the first two .
    Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels

    Show Spoiler
    Cool entrance from Shawn, who wore the all white outfit and was lowered in a fireman-like basket. Once he was lowered to the floor, his standard entrance music played and he performed his usual routine. Taker made his standard entrance.

    Shawn used the stick and move approach early. He climbed to the second rope and did the DX chop. Taker ran at him and Shawn jumped over him. He came up holding his groin and then dove at Taker to show he was faking him out. Shawn controlled the first five minutes of the match and applied a leg lock on Taker. Ross said he's never seen Taker submit once.

    Shawn continued to work over Taker's left knee as the live crowd traded dueling "HBK" and "Undertaker" chants. Taker caught Shawn when he was going for a move and took over on offense. He eventually hit Snake Eyes and scored his first near fall. Taker signaled for the chokeslam, but Shawn countered with the STF. Cool counter.

    ,Shawn jumped off the top rope and Taker caught him by the throat. Shawn broke free and set up for the superkick, but Taker dropped on his back. Shawn went for a leg lock, but Taker turned it into the Hell's Gate. Shawn struggled and eventually reached the ropes with his legs to break the hold.

    Shawn went to the top rope while Taker was on the floor. Shawn went for a moonsault, but Taker just swatted him away, causing Shawn to crash hard on the floor. Taker rolled back inside the ring while the referee checked on Shawn at ringside. Taker sat up in Dead Man style. Taker ran the ropes and dove over the top rope at HBK, but Shawn pulled a cameraman in front of him to take the blow.

    Both wrestlers, the cameraman, and the referee were all lying at ringside. The replay showed that Taker absorbed most of the blow and that the camera man didn't do much to brace his fall. The replay also showed that Shawn threw the referee into the guardrail.

    Shawn recovered and pulled the referee back inside the ring. A second referee ran out to check on Taker. The referee started to count out Taker while Shawn sat in the corner praying that Taker wouldn't get back inside the ring. Taker made it back inside the ring at the nine count.

    Shawn went for Sweet Chin Music, but Taker avoided it and chokeslammed him. Taker went for the cover and got a great near fall. The announcers put over the chokeslam in a big way. Taker and Shawn jockeyed for position as they both went for big moves. Shawn won the exchange by hitting Sweet Chin Music. He covered Taker, who kicked out at the last possible moment.

    Taker went for the Last Ride, but Shawn slipped out. Taker caught him with a second attempt and hit the Last Ride for a great near fall that popped the live crowd in a major way.

    Taker whipped Shawn toward the ropes. Shawn skinned the cat. Taker caught him in the Tombstone position as he tried to get back in the ring. Taker hit the Tombstone and covered Shawn with his arms folded on his chest, but Shawn kicked out again. Taker flashed a look of shock.

    Taker pulled down the straps of his tights and gave the throat slashing gesture. Taker picked up Shawn and went for what appeared to be another Tombstone, but Shawn countered with a sloppy DDT. No one cared that the move was off. Shawn struggled to his feet and eventually climbed to the top rope. He nailed a top rope elbow drop.

    Shawn struggled to his feet and set up in the corner for Sweet Chin Music. Shawn nailed the move ,Shawn went for the cover, but Taker kicked out again at the last possible moment.

    Both men eventually got back on their feet and exchanged a series of chops, which were greeted with "Whoooos" from the crowd. Taker ended the exchange with a big boot. He scooped up Shawn for a Tombstone, but Shawn fought his way out with elbows to Taker's head.

    Shawn went for a moonsault off the top rope, but Taker caught him in Tombstone position. Taker hit the Tombstone and scored the 1-2-3. The live crowd gave them a standing ovation while both men were still lying on the mat.

    Absolutely amazing match. Great near falls that the fans really bought into. The match exceeded my expectations in a big way, and that's saying a lot because I expected great things. That would have been a great way to close the show.

    TLC WM 17

    This match represents an example of the creativity and risks that wrestlers started to take with a ladder that was spawned on by the match between Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon that was previously mentioned. These same teams fought the year before in just a ladder match. This match saw the addition of tables and chairs and each team had a person interfering for them in this match. Edge hitting the spear off a ladder onto Jeff Hardy, who was dangling in mid-air, is the single most visually stunning move in the history of the event. Just like the prior year, Edge and Christian walked out of the match as World Tag Team Champions.
    Ah the glory days of a once healthy tag team division. Back when exciting, long standing pairings captivated audiences before those who shone brightest began a steady progression towards singles stardom. This year, like last there will be no match at wrestlemania for the tag team titles, a sad new tradition which tastes all the more bitter when you rewatch classic matches like this TLC sequel from the greatest wrestlemania of them all.

    TLC somehow managed to surpass the chaotic nature of the original and was expertly paced so that each new chapter of carnage increased the intensity of the drama. From early relatively safe bumps such as the Hardyz double splash on Christian and all six men falling off the ladder after battling at the top to the mad interference laden section featuring Lita, Spike Dudley and Rhino to the scintillating finale in which Jeff Hardy performed a swanton from a giant ladder on the outside, Rhino sent Matt Hardy and Bubba Dudley crashing into four waiting tables and the flawlessly paced standout moment which saw Jeff Hardy walk from lader to ladder to reach the belts only to have his fate sealed by a mid air sphere from Edge, this epic clash grabbed the crowd’s attention from the opening bell and had them gasping for air by the close.


    Took me a lot.Hopefully I know those matches a lot and I didnt have to watch them again :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:HEW:

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  2. My favourite is the TLC match at WM 17, what a freaking good moment was the swanton bomb from the top of the ladder.

    Here they go my two matches:

    WM25: ER match

    Well, the match may not be the best but the final TWIST OF FATE was awesome imo.

    WM25: Cena/Edge/Show

    I liove this match because of how could Cena rise Edge and Show up of his shoulder.

    What do you think?
  3. Why is their like a transcript of what happens? :dafuq:

    Lesnar/Cena Extreme Rules '12
    Lesnar/HHH SummerSlam '12
  4. Cuz Its my fav. match ever and I wanted to post it just in case you are too lazy to watch the match
  5. From the two above me, I'll prefer Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy. Since it was an entertaining extreme rules match.

    Sure people can say "Oh, boy, another Cena match", but hell this match got a five star rating for a reason. This is the best match in Cena's career. I place this one at the top of the mountain of great entertaining matches.

    Bret Hart vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin - Survivor Series 1996. A match that made Austin the bad ass he became. It was a great match, with great technical skills from Bret Hart. Bret Hart getting booed at the end was overwhelming, and Stone Cold finally getting the praise he deserves from the crowd is amazing.
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  10. Why are you explaining the match when society would prefer to watch something rather than read.
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  12. In all fairness i really enjoyed the last Punk/Cena match, especially with the Piledriver worked in too.
  13. I will be just posting the best matches/builds of the wwe plus a quick review . Enjoy


    Well, you can't say they didn't bring the drama here. They went with the slow build during the match and it was very effective since it had three stages: First, they worked headlocks and other submissions letting them get their chants out of the way. Then, they did a typical match, calming the crowd done and teaching them to react to normal spots.

    Finally, they busted out the awesome finishing sequences and had the crowd with them the whole rest of the way. That, my friends, is a well-booked match. Call the whole thing ****1/2 and a rousing success.

    Fantastic match. Flair and Michaels rose to the occasion. Great drama and the live crowd bought into Flair's nearfalls. A very emotional finish. I loved Michaels mouthing the words "I'm sorry" and "I love you" to Flair before delivering the shot that ended his career. What a way to go out. Sensational.
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