Best WWE's submission finisher

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Nano, Mar 3, 2013.

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  1. Ok, I don't know what do you think the best submission finisher is, for me it's the armbar breaker from ADR, but I also love Lesnar's Kimura Lock and CM Punk's Anaconda Vice.

    What is the best one in your opinion?
  2. Currently? The Kimura without question, of all time it's Bret's sharpshooter.
  3. Cena's STF
    Rock's sharpshooter
    Punk's vice
  4. I forgot to write it, don't post only the current one, write the ones you think are the best of all times
  5. Yokozuna's shoulder claw rest hold
  6. The Undertaker's Hell's Gate
    CM Punk Anaconda Vice
    Daniel Bryan's No Lock
  7. Awesome ones
  8. Crossface Chickenwing.
  9. Sharpshooter all the way.
  10. Armbar
    And I really like the surfboard .
    Kimura lock
  11. Anyone like HHH's Indian Deathlock? It's an old school move and he's the only one I can remember using it from the time I've watched.
  12. I've never seen anyone doing it or any really simila
  13. Dolph Zigglers sleeper hold, so legit :lol1:

  14. Bryan Danielsons face stomp, followed by the cattle mutilation. Nothing else compares. 2 is the mexican surfboard dragon sleeper, bryan did it.
  15. He's busted out cuttle mutilation what twice in the WWE though and I can't recall anyone tapping from it so is it a finisher? Plus the set up is far too long IMO, his form on it though is incredible I agree. I really liked his chicken wing variation with the body scissors and always thought it was a shame he didn't bring it up with him.
  16. the mexican surfboard dragon sleeper, bryan did it in roh. It's tight too.
  17. Everything Bryan does is tight lol.
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  18. There's an anal sex joke in there somewhere.
  19. Probably behind you.
  20. :true: my anus is very tight. I can never get it to gape like yours :happy:
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