Best ZTLIS Ever. Episode #59

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Mar 23, 2012.

  1. Big O, Stanford, Ziggler and Ryder. Heaven in a youtube show.
  2. hahah nice i love zr
  3. The show has jumped the shark bro. This doesn't compare to the episodes from when the show was still serving it's purpose

    Big O was okay, the rest was meh
  4. Lol. Sleeping with Eve's poster.
  5. BS. Just because it made qwerky jokes which appealed to the IWC, doesn't mean it was better.

    This show was a boss show. Stanford being hilarious, Big O being hilarious, Zack Ryder's messages for Eve, His Dad, Michael Chiapetta, just a great show overall. It was more about his show than his merchandise :emoji_wink:
  6. How can my opinion be BS? Can you factually disprove anything I said?
  7. Lol Big O talking about getting signed by the WWE? I have a feeling that might happen.
  8. No but Steiner can :steiner:
  9. Steiner has a 50% chance of disproving me and a 65% chance of improving me. Either way there is a 99% chance of Steiner being the man, but only a 1% chance of Steiner stringing together a combination of words that form a coherent sentence
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