Beth Pheonix taking time off

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  1. - Beth Phoenix, who is currently taking a leave of absence from WWE following the loss of a loved one, has been pulled from advertisements for several upcoming events. The official WWE website had her listed as appearing at events beginning on October 1 after she was pulled from last week's Australian tour and all events in September, but her next advertised appearance is now slated for the October 22 Raw in East Rutherford, New Jersey. She is then not listed for any events until December 28. (

    Downside: The divas division is not going to get any better with her absence.

    Upside: If what this says is true, her return is at the show I'm going to. :smug:
  2. The Diva's division is on the verge of collapse (If it hasn't already), Nobody invests time into it.. Therefore no-one cares about it.
  3. One of the few talented female wrestlers. She'd be so much better in TNA.
  4. I know right, I completely agree with you. WWE need to start hiring actually female WRESTLERS not models. Although models are easy on the eye. :dawg:
  5. Tbh I'd rather they didn't, Vince doesn't care about them regardless and they get such little time now. Just cut them and let TNA actually book them well and help revamp their knockout division.
  6. Beth is on her way out of the company just you watch she will get released when that date approaches for her to return. She hasent been used probably and her last divas reign was a joke she was hardly shown and then she lost the divas title to Nikki Bella. The divas division is a mess all the divas are leaving to do their own thing I dont blame them considering Vince doesnt give a shit about them and doesnt give them time on tv.
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  7. I see your point BLFFL, Vince doesn't care about the divas division, the we can agree on. But I don't think WWE would release Beth.
  8. They released Karma, just saying
  9. I suppose you have a good point there, but didn't they release her for not been fit? or something like that IIRC?
  10. Yes Lacky, they did according to reports.

    I don't care about the Divas because the WWE also doesn't, so if they don't put effort into booking it, why should I care? It's a waste of time to complain about it imo.
  11. The talented Divas just need to leave WWE. WWE doesn't care about them, it's obvious. They just use them for models, so they mind as well just hire models and release all the talented ones so they can go to Impact Wrestling and other promotions that know how to use their women wrestlers.
  12. I agree, but the models shouldn't wrestle. They should do something appealing like dance around and be locked in cages while they do it....oh wait WCW flashback :haha:
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  13. :hmm: Breasts implant contract on a pole
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  14. Ha, I remember seeing some of that. The good days :yay:
  15. This dude is awesome.
  16. Anyone who says they wont release Beth just look at Kharma they released her so anythings possible
  17. Best to her..

    Let the diva's struggle for some time, have Kaitlyn as champ for a while.. (Which is kinda obvious)

    Then have her back as THE Diva again.. Kaitlyn vs Beth at a PPV = :win:
  18. No thanks she looks like a man.
  19. I agree, but I'd hope she'd be released on good terms. WWE isn't so sensitive during a wrestlers best years and will kind of tape them up and send them back out to the ring.

    On the other hand, WWE will try and make up for this in the worker's 'golden' years by paying for rehabiliation. This isn't a perfect solution, but they'd like to as much $ now and be concerned for the worker when he/she is damaged goods

    Don't ask how I now all this, although I'm certain most of you know this. Health insurance is almost impossible to get, so I hope Beth has saved her $.
  20. She asked for a release :dafuq:
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