Beth Phoenix is retiring

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    WWE Diva Elizabeth Carolan, a.k.a Beth Phoenix, is reportedly finishing up with the company shortly. According to a source, Phoenix will be retiring in October.

    Phoenix made her WWE debut in 2006 as an ally to Trish Stratus during her feud with Mickie James. She would go on to hold the WWE Women's Championship three times, as well as the WWE Diva's Championship.

    Phoenix was en route to displacing Maryse Ouellet as the longest reigning WWE Divas Champion in history earlier this year, however lost the belt a week before she could break the record to Nikki Bella on the April 23rd episode of Raw.

    ^^^ Wow I guess this is why she is losing matches cos shes on her way out of the company. Well good luck to her for the future. Its interesting to note that divas dont seem to go past the 6 year mark as Trish Stratus retired at 6 years of being in the company
  2. Not sure about the source.
  3. If Beth really is retiring (I'll wait until it seems official to say true or false) I think it might be because of that death within her family and I hope she does okay.

    But like CM Punk said the source is murky at best so I wouldn't take it as the truth.
  4. Me too. Could be a rumor. She has had her time in the business though. Was a big Diva in the business who actually could wrestle. Divas now days are employed to look pretty.
  5. I hope she's successful in whatever career she wishes to pursue.
  6. Absolutely no source in the article, just purely speculation.

    She's been off TV recently because of the loss of a love one/family member...
  7. I hope she doesn't retire. :sad:
  9. I think its her time to go as shes clearly not being used right. She can do something else with her life
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  10. When I saw the title: :shock: :upset:

    When I saw who made the thread: :haha:
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  11. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO this cant be true :((
  12. Define not been used right? You can't always be contending for the title. Kelly isn't been used right at the moment why doesn't she retire.

    Every superstar has a moment of inactivity during there career.
  13. Wrestling Inc is the only source I can find.

    Hope to see Beth vs Natalya at Bound for Glory 2013. Or some combination of them, Tara, and Gail Kim. No point in wasting your time with the Divas' division.
  14. If this is true, it's absolutely terrible and I can erase all hopes of Pheonix vs Kharma. :upset:
  15. I don't think she'll retire.
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  17. It isn't.
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  19. Haha, I lol'd/
  20. :obama:
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