Beth's injury

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jose Tortilla, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. So, we all saw Beth suffering an ankle injury during her match at Raw.
    Do you think it was planned along to have Nikki Bella as champ, or was it a last call when Beth sprained her ankle?

  2. It's a kayfabe injury. I re-watched it a few times, and she didn't twist or sprain the ankle.
  3. Dirt sheets seem to think it could be legit.
  4. Tbh I would trust Dolph's before dirtsheets!

    Thought it did seem really odd for Nicki Bella to win the title?
  5. Aint the Bella twins leaving or have they got new contracts? Still seems a bit strange though. :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. Exactly.
  7. I won't, Dolph is a liar, he once claimed he was Dolph's junk.
  8. His username still does.
  9. I'm honestly an expert on injuries. She isn't hurt.

    Also you could tell she was acting when talking to J-King. She was like 'Idk.. I jumped down and it twisted or something!'

    kayfabe injury bros
  10. I think it's Kayfabe. Nikki will drop to karma at the PPV

  11. exactly, Kharma return maybe planned
  12. I'm sorry, but her left ankle makes an ugly twist on the 5:52 mark..
  13. With u there Jose that looks legit she goes down from dropping out the ring which could easily be a sprain.
  14. No it doesn't lol. She jumps down, lands fine, and then bends her leg to sell the fake injury.

    the injury would happen upon the impact of hitting the floor, not a half second later. trust me, I'm an expert.
  15. :haha:
    Let me see your certificate.



    6.00 mark, you can see Tamina holding Brie back from attacking Beth.
    6.11 mark, you can see Alicia holding Brie back from attacking.
  16. I think this injury is legit. I noticed when Beth was doing that submisson hold to Nikki in the ring then they stood up and Nikki tried to get free Beth looked awkward on her feet and tweeked that ankle then when she went to jump off the ring she tweeked that ankle even more which I think has probably damaged alot of the ligaments in her ankle

    Not sure if the title change was gonna happen but from what I have read Nikki was supposed to win it for when Kharma returned as they didnt want Beth/Kharma to happen straight away

    I think Kharma is gonna return at Extreme Rules like last year and she will destroy the Bellas and take the title off Nikki and that I think will be the last we see of the Bellas as there supposed to be leaving as their contracts end next Monday
  17. I'm not sure mate I've seen ppl break legs and not cringe from pain straight away and pull back after a few seconds.
  18. Next monday? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! :upset:
  19. Beth's good at selling (even though they don't let her do it often), but she's not that good at selling fake pain. I'm pretty sure the injury is kayfabe. This was a way to get the belt off of Beth (who has been booked as basically unbeatable in a one-on-one match). This says to me (as it seems to say to many) that Bella is dropping the title to Kharma at Extreme Rules in some kind of surprise return match.

    Where Kharma goes from there, I don't really know, but I would expect that Beth-Kharma (or even Beth-Natalya-Kharma, which would be even better as far as I'm concerned) will take place by SummerSlam if not before.

  20. Yeah i thought it might have been legit up until this part. The way she was talking really did sound like acting. Kayfabe I reckon too.

    When the match started and they announced she was a few days from the longest reign ever I thought she might lose.
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