Betrayal: The Facts Behind Adam Cole’s Actions against Kyle O’Reilly

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  1. By Kevin Kelly
    ADAMCOLE vs Christopher Daniels has been signed for Field of Honor
    Beginning in 2010, Future Shock combined the forces of two of the brightest stars on Ring of Honor’s horizon. Adam Cole and Kyle O’Reilly grew as a team and as friends and that bond was a huge part of their success. Ultimately, jealousy and personal issues grew between the two and the team’s bond was severed. But a rekindling of an old friendship and an unlikely partnership came at just the right time for Adam Cole, who was seemingly on the outs with the Kingdom in the summer of 2015.

    In 2014, with Adam Cole riding high as World Champion, the Kingdom began to take shape as Cole strengthened his grip on the World title but things began to change when Cole could not regain the World Title from Jay Briscoe at Final Battle 2014 as well as Cole’s trip to the injured list that followed. Rumors of dissatisfaction were quickly scoffed at, despite months of silence from Adam Cole. His inner frustration at losing the World title, unable to conquer Jay Briscoe was the catalyst.

    His Kingdom mates, Mike Bennett and Matt Taven were friends prior to joining Ring of Honor and Bennett reached out to Taven when the former TV Champions’ own world crumbled in August of 2014. Without Cole, the first two Top Prospect Tournament winners, along with Maria Kanellis formed a successful trio, capturing ROH Tag Team gold at All-Star Extravaganza and a certain split was on the immediate horizon.

    Or so it appeared.

    For it was at All-Star Extravaganza when Adam Cole shocked the world and his former Future Shock tag team partner with betrayal the likes of which surprised even the most hardened fans. Those who had “seen it all” had never seen anything like this.

    The question remained, “why”? Here is what we have learned to help answer this bitter-tasting question.

    When Nigel McGuinness announced the World Title contenders after Best in the World 2015, he left Adam Cole off the list. The ROH matchmaker declared Roderick Strong as Number 1 contender and since O'Reilly had a win and time-limit draw over Jay Lethal, Kyle was next in line for a shot.

    Unbeknownst to anyone, this sent Adam Cole over the edge as jealousy and a deep down hatred for what O'Reilly has achieved drove the former World Champion to design his plan for sabotage. His former partner obviously had Jay Lethal's number and the thought of Kyle O'Reilly as ROH Champion bothered Cole more than anything.

    But why? Reports are Cole felt he was the "star" of Future Shock and, in his opinion, he the one who was destined to shine. Cole feels that O'Reilly rode his coat tails and isn't in the same league.

    Flash forward to All-Star Extravaganza and the plan all came together. While the odds were in O'Reilly's favor to unseat Jay Lethal and become the ROH World Champion, Adam Cole made sure Kyle’s dreams would be shattered. Not only would Kyle not win the title, Cole has vowed that O'Reilly never will win the title as long as Cole is alive.

    How sick is Adam Cole to design a scenario that turned out the way it did? Kyle was a pawn in an emotional game that he will never forget. We were all witness to a plot that was created to destroy O'Reilly and any chance of him achieving the top prize and it was executed exactly the way Adam Cole wanted.

    It was Cole decided that he would side by O'Reilly up until he had his title shot, lying to O’Reilly and all the fans that Future Shock was real and their bond was inseparable. It was Cole wanted to be the one who took the World Championship away from Kyle. It was Cole who wanted to cause emotional distress that would forever last in O'Reilly.

    With all of this now on the table, it’s plain to see that the Kingdom is now stronger than ever. Not only is the four-person unit thinking as one but Adam Cole has shown that he is capable of anything to get what he wants. This quartet of snakes, as they describe themselves, now slithers in the open for the world to see, proud of what they have done.

    The pain of “what could have been” regarding the ROH World Championship for Kyle O’Reilly is palpable as is the satisfaction for Adam Cole.

    Now you know the “why” but the question I am left is “what’s next?”

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