Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by Zach, May 31, 2013.

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  1. We should do transfer bets for this summer.

    ie. Suarez Going to RM
    Suarez Going to Bayern
    Suarez Staying
    Suarez going to another club (Besides Real/Bayern)
  2. Ya I can do, been thinking of stuff to do over the summer. :notsure: if people wanna bet on TNA or not.
  3. I want TNA bets, I'd bet for Slammiversary
  4. I want some football transfer bets, If I'm given permission I'm happy to dupe some bets off skybet onto the system using the same odds for the top say 15/20 transfers? Crayo Seabs
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  5. Made you a bookie. You can now create bets etc.

    Can you go and quickly test it?
  6. (looks ok just off to bed will test tomorrow).
  7. Can you add me so I can do NBA? Dolphs has done it for a week then left..

  8. Remove my founding father copyright from your usertitle then we'll talk. Also you aren't an original oldfag.
  10. 6 inches makes a big difference.
  11. It's not how big the jump is it's how you navigate it!

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  13. Pavement* fucking Americano wannabe-sta!

    Hi midget, if you walk down slowly or on all fours then you will 100% commit suicide. Enjoy your day.

  14. I am American.
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  15. I... but..

    I resign.
  16. Right, I'm out for the day with the family (my wife and little girl, I'm not in the Mafia) but will add some bets this evening!
  17. Right...I've made a bet for the transfer odds for Wayne Rooney as a test, once its verified can you let me know if it's the sort of thing you want then I can roll out the others.

    Crayo, is it possible to change odds whilst the event is in progress, as the transfer odds do change. And is it possible to end an event early (i.e if someone does move, or signs a new contract)
  18. It shouldn't need to be verified, they just appear. What date did you put as the start date?

    And I'm not sure on either of those, you'll need to check or ask Seabs. I haven't messed with bets much at all tbh.
  19. Yeah it's not there.

    We don't do live odds (as in updating them during things) - probably because it's a hassle and unfair. If someone moves and it's confirmed then yes you can close the bet, otherwise free money for people :lol1:
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