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  1. Can you start adding american football bets on sundays? I think a lot of members would be interested using it for that. As it is now, I only use it for wwe events, and that's not as fun because they are pre-determined.
  2. What time sundays do the matches happen? I sure can.
  3. Should be more. Do some for tonight's internationals?
  4. La Liga (Madrid, Atl Madrid, Barcelona...)
    UCL as well please
  5. Anytime you want a bet added, just let me know guys. As long as you give me at least 12 hours notice before the event starts, I'll get a bet on. You don't even have to find the odds, just tell me the teams/people/event and I'll get on it.
  6. John is the man with bets.
  7. It happens at 1 PM est on sundays, the second wave of games will begin at 4:00 est as well. There are also games thursdays at 8:00 PM est and Monday night football is 8:30 est.

    Here is the schedule for the upcoming week.
  8. Great idea, thanks Jono. :emoji_slight_smile: Against the spread or straight up?
  9. Splendid idea Danielson old boy. Surprised this wasn't around before. I mean, c'monnnnnnnnnnn, it's AMERICAN football, and you all know how The Hoff feels about America.
  10. Aight, cheers Danny. I'll get those up for ya.
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  11. Nice, thanks.
  12. Hi everybody,

    Sorry to jump in this thread. The reason why I have done so is because the thread about Survivor Series betting has closed and I thought it may be worth pointing out that Paddy Power has posted the odds in case any of you were waiting until the end of the week.

    Once again, sorry to jump in. Good luck with the bets!
  13. They've only added 3 bets so far, I wait until they're all on.
  14. Ahh, I just thought you would like to know so as to get the better odds.
  15. I can't add all bets, I'm under "strict instructions" from Crayo. There has to be an interest in the sport that the bets for, e.g. football, NBA, NFL etc.
  16. may i pitch an idea whilst i'm here you know how bookies do enhanced odds specials you should do ya own for ppv something like cena and orton to win at evens or something like that
  17. I dot think you'll have to make a bet for EVERY NFL game. Maybe us NFL fans decide on the 5 best games and you put them up? I can guarantee you'll get at least 5 bets
  18. I can't even place a bet while mobile
  19. Go to /bets/ and you can :emoji_wink:
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