TV Better Call Saul Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by CM Punk, Feb 7, 2015.

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    Who's ready for this show tomorrow? I think a new episode airs at Monday as well.
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  2. Yeah, today and tomorrow are the first two episodes. I want to watch them back to back so I probably won't watch them until Tuesday, I'm pretty excited though.
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  3. I'm actually interested into this one. Something needs to keep me engaged until GOT, Fargo and True Detective.
  4. It started out slow, but I slowly got invested in it like quarter/halfway through. Good episode and pumped for the next one today.
    Show Spoiler
    I fucking knew it was Tuco's grandma! I had a strong feeling about it, lmao.
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  5. Good premiere, but not great. I loved cinematography, though, that shit was great. And fuck yeah, the THUG is back!
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  6. Yah the cinematography was great. It really felt like watching a Breaking Bad episode also. I know it was a little slow in the beginning but it had to be to show Saul's character. Love seeing these cliffhangers from Vince Gilligan. Can't wait for more Tuco tonight.

    Episode Review: TIGHT TIGHT TIGHT/10
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  7. I'm going to wait until after the 2nd episode airs and then watch them both back to back, I've been hearing good things though so we'll see.
  8. E2 was great, much better than the opener.
  9. It's pretty solid so far, definitely like the approach they seem to be taking.
  10. Episode 2 was pretty good. Ending was alright, but it's probably a setup for the turning point in Jimmy.
  11. Episode 2 was pretty good. Ending was alright, but it's probably a setup for the turning point in Jimmy.
  12. Mando seems like he's going to have a significant role going forward, I am intrigued.
  13. I'm already hooked for that Tuco's thug. Any chance we see the healthy Hector? I'd mark the fuck out.
  14. I'd mark if we saw Gus also tbh. Or at least have Los Pollos a common restaurant they visit.
    I know that Jesse isn't appearing in season one and neither is Walter.
  15. At the same time, I hope they don't ride BrBa coat tails too much.
  16. I watched the premiere earlier today and think the show is off to a great start already. I especially marked at seeing Mike and Tuco again. I always wished we could have seen more of Tuco before he was killed off.

    Really loved the whole atmosphere of the episode and how it feels like the same world that Breaking Bad occupied, but yet still feels like it's own thing as well.

    I'll watch the second episode later.
  17. Honestly, this show keeps on getting better and better. Loved the interaction between Jimmy and Mike and "HEEEERRREE'S JOHNNY!"
  18. First 3 episodes have been very good so far, hope the show keeps it up and continues to impress.
    I'd like to see Gus as well, I imagine he will come into play, perhaps later in Season 1?
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