Better Career: Lana or Rusev

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Red Rain, Nov 11, 2014.

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  1. I want to know who you believe will have the better career in the WWE: Lana or Rusev.

    I personally am not suggesting either of them will any sort of true mark on the landscape.
    There is a such thing as who may end up tipping the scales in terms of success.

    I see Rusev turning face as a U.S sympathizer as they'd done with Del Rio (most recently).
    It's always popular to tote the U.S flag, even if its an imbecile like Jim Duggan (though in real life he's a tough motherf*cker apparently)... otherwise he's a useful plot device for getting over new babyfaces.

    Lana is interesting to me. She has a unique quality and the WWE Universe has really taken to her.
    She's very over in ways Vickie Guerrero couldn't quite aspire to.
    The crowd digs her but she obviously is a natural heel.
    She's a great on-air talent provided she isn't overexposed. She'd make a perfect McMahon vixen, by the way.

    I doubt WWE would go for it, but I'd love to see her go after HHH romantically.
    It's reasons like these Lana has potential that exceeds Rusev's.
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  2. Lana, definitely.

    Because, Rusev's anti-America gimmick is dumb and it's been done 10988957698 times before. If he wasn't doing the gimmick he's been doing ever since coming to the main roster, he'd get no reaction at all. I'd like to be proven wrong, though.
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  3. I'm interested in seeing where they take Lana. She isn't the hottest but she can work the stick (uh oh).
    So few Divas have the ability to work the stick, so her service in the WWE is likely to be extended as a result of it.
    Since she isn't super-attractive, she isn't going to be kept around simply for her physical looks.
    She's a true valet and there simply isn't enough of those going around anymore.
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  4. We'll see what happens... Can't say I'd be shocked if both of 'em had lackluster careers.
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  5. I don't see much out of either of them, actually. In regards to Lana, it just seems like the age of the manager is too far behind. I think it's stupid because managers serve a really good purpose and with so many wrestlers out there with no charisma, it doesn't make sense that there are less managers. A good manager, like Bobby Heenan was or Paul Heyman is, can get the crowd worked up if the wrestlers fail to do so.

    I actually think Rusev is a good brawler but this gimmick will kill his career. As C.M. Bryan said, the anti America gimmick has been done to death and beyond. All it does anymore is hurt the wrestler who plays the anti America role. Mark Copani, for instance, retired at the age of 24 because he was unable to recover from the Muhammed Hasaan gimmick. Although I am not sure what will happen with Rusev, the whole gimmick is aggravating. Not only does is not make sense for a Bulgarian to be anti American, all three announcers continue to refer to him as Russian (The King usually with through Bulgarian out there). But they are obviously building him up for a climactic confrontation with someone eventually who will beat him and likely take the US Belt. Then he will begin to lose matches to other wrestlers, likely even some he beat on the way up and eventually he'll disappear.
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  6. The one with the tits and ass, so yeah it's Rusev.
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  7. Lana because she's great on the mic and can easily transition into other roles beyond only managing Rusev. Offering her managerial services to other superstars, becoming a General Manager (although I'm sick to death of those), etc. Rusev is a talented big man, but I don't see much of a future for him beyond this anti-American gimmick, sadly.
  8. I actually agree that Rusev is peaking. I also, however, want to believe he will be used in much the same manner as Umaga (which I suppose doesn't say much).
    My perception, big picture, would have seen Umaga fair better long term than most suspected. Toward the end of his run, he actually began speaking.
    One could make the argument that Umaga was simply better but I don't see the benefit of completely burying Rusev.
    Nevertheless, size, in and of itself, never gets you far beyond that initial heel push.

    If Rusev is very lucky, he'll turn face off his heel momentum and make some decent money before he gets axed.
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  9. Not trying to compare the two entertainment-wise or anything, but Cesaro actually spend quite some time as a anti-american gimmick and still managed to change character a bit and become a crowd darling. Sure, in the end he was not pushed, but it's not like wwe did not have the chance to do it without it being awkward
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  10. both are boring asf
  11. Obviously you have not seen the thread of her pics in the legend section (some are NSFW even). Lana is quite the looker IMO but they keep putting her in those stupid ass outfits with her hair all pulled back. She has the potential to look much more attractive then that. At least she does in the thread I mentioned.

    As far as who will be bigger? Hard to tell at this point.
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  12. I don't blame them for downplaying her attractiveness since they want people to hate her, not lust over her. She looks a lot hotter with her down, though.
  13. She isn't attractive, even naked.

    I mean, hotter than AJ, but no more than a 4 or 5 at best.
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  14. Hotter than AJ? Eh, I wouldn't go THAT far...
  15. 4 > 2
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  16. I've actually went through the trouble of google imaging CJ Perry (AKA Lana) dating back to her days as a Florida State U Cowgirl.
    If you have a thing for Rebecca Romijn (formerly Stamos, as in Uncle Jesse's real life ex), she and Lana are similar.
    It isn't a Stacy Keibler situation where her looks were her entire appeal.

    Rebecca Romijn (on the left) Lana (on the right)

    upload_2014-11-13_14-52-41.jpeg upload_2014-11-13_14-52-55.jpeg
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  17. Both of 'em are stunningly beautiful, imo. :emoji_slight_smile:
  18. I never put that together, but I can see what you mean. Romijn was such a babe in her heyday.
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