Better Heel: Orton or Hulk Hogan (NWO)

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Jan 14, 2012.

  1. Hulk Hogan

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  2. Randy Orton

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  1. This is going to be a series thread and their is also going to be "Better Face".

    Anyways who do you think was a Better Heel? Orton or Hogan?

    Hogan's heel turn had an Impact on Wrestling. (See wut I did thar?)

    Randy Orton disrespected alot of Legends and also said that Eddie Guerrero was in hell 2 months after he passed away.

    Who was better and why?
  2. What had better effect? Hogan. Personally, I enjoyed Orton's heel runs so much more. A much better wrestler, much better actor, he looked like a psychotic mean heel when his physical look was that of any other generic wwe superstar. That's how good Orton was. I put him in the same league as HHH 2000. Who is widely regarded as the best heel of all time.

    So yeah, I choose Orton.
  3. Hogan was the better heel imo. Neither had great matches during their respective heel runs but Hulk had some much charisma he made me buy into the hollywood character. Plus his promo at BATB is better then any promo Randy ever cut.
  4. Randy's Match with Foley at Backlash 04 was pretty good.
  5. Randy Orton.
    His psychotic look is awesome.
  6. True actually he had a few good matches. I'll still say Hogan however.
  7. Credit Hogan was better at promos, but I compare how believable it was. Orton looked psycho.

    Just watch his expressions.

    Edit: fixed vid, such a fail.
  8. It's because he had a bigger IMPACT and changed the WRESTLING business.
  9. We get the joke Punk, :rofl:.
  10. TOTAL NONSTOP ACTION hinting there.
  11. I don't get what you guys are talking about?
  12. Let's get back on topic, it's a great thread. The whole idea of comparing, I like it.

    Orton 04 was great on the mic, his voice is a bit too deep and monotone now though. But he has the best facial expressions in the world (wrestlers), name me someone who's better.
  13. Picked Orton. Hogan was better on the mic, but to me he looked forced. Orton looked completely mental.
  14. Undertaker? When Michael's kicked out of the tombstone at wm 25 he actually looked confused and depressed.
  15. [​IMG]
  16. I see why you'd name him, but overall, Orton still is superior. Every promo Orton has his facial expressions are priceless. At WM Undertaker was superb yes, but overall it's not comparable I don't think.

    Other honourable mentions would be superstars like Boogeyman and Rock. Taker I'd place behind Orton maybe.
  17. No one is better than I am.. Let's face is, I'm a badass in the ring, and no one can stop me. Not even kayfable and their bs storylines.
  18. I'd class Taker as more versatile tbh. He tells more of a story for me. I can see whether he's desperate, angry or respecting at any time. Randy seems to portray anger and arrogance well but I'm unsure of the others. Punk is a good shout also imo.
  19. Example of others. When he first lost to Henry in the cage. He got up similar to Shawn at mania in desperation, trying to hit the RKO, Henry was just staring down, watch Orton. Be amazed. If that doesn't tell a story then nothing does. That night was when I became a fan of Orton again.