Better long term bet: Switching Rollins/Ambrose roles

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by JC4Life37, Jun 22, 2014.

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  1. I like angle of Seth Rollins turning heel. It had shock value, gives him something to do and he's HHH buddy
    Ambrose seems lost in all this and his U.S title run was lackluster for a man of his skill set

    I propose:

    Ambrose as the architect and holding the Tags with Reigns.
    It creates the brotherly dynamic between he and Reigns and a hotter heel turn down the line
    As opposed to simply turning Rollins, Ambrose would be begging HHH behind closed doors to accept him
    I don't buy Rollins being the leadership type, but Ambrose seems almost inspiring given his personality
    HHH may not like Ambrose, but his turn would create the proper long term dynamic WWE would utilize

    Rollins would be the recipient of the year long U.S title reign.
    The reign would be redundant but since he'd be heel, it wouldn't bury him so badly.
    Seth's ring work would salvage the reign that Ambrose simply could not.
    Better mini-feuds may evolved from this scenario creating a slightly more memorable run

    Creating a more brotherly bond (from the beginning) between Ambrose/Reigns creates organic tension
    Rollins is gifted all-around; Ambrose' skill set would have benefited from being Architect/Betrayer

    I'm not burying what we have, just advocating a scenario that may have created better long term booking
  2. Rollins turning was the better way to go in the end. Rollins is a believable heel and he makes the Architect gimmick work. He has that way of talking to people were he comes of as egotistical and with a better than you attitude, which annoys people. And Ambrose has had surprising good work as a face so it allows both young guys to stretch their wings and develop and enhanced repertoire. Rollins will turn face down the line and Ambrose heel. But Seth is a good enough heel to have a successful run as one.
  3. I actually see what you mean, here. As it's currently constituted, both guys are being allowed to do what we assumed they could not.
    I believe Rollins as a credible heel and is making due with the Architect gimmick as best as humanely possible.
    It's my belief, though, that Ambrose would be better now and long term as well.
    I find it hard to believe Seth Rollins could walk up to Ambrose and Reigns and say, "Let's..." and they'd follow him on it
    Ambrose has more of that brainwashing, conniving quality to him... its more believable.

    This is different, though, Stop. HHH is making his mark. This will work. You aren't wrong in your argument.
    Both guys are growing, which is what matters most. IMO, this is an A- storyline which could've been an A+ storyline
  4. Can't agree on Ambrose being a conniving mastermind. It's not his style. His character is a lunatic. A madman. Rollins has always been set up as the brains of the shield, the strategist. The mind. Ambrose was the voice and the rage.
  5. Ambrose/Reigns won't be a thing for long,
    Reigns will be doing his own thing in no time, Ambrose is about to be feuding with Rollins especially after the MITB match #2 which I believe both will be apart of.

    Reigns doesn't need to be tagging anymore, he's made his mark on that division and now it's time for him to boss his way at the main event level.
  6. While it seems like it would be a better way to go... Two things wrestling has badly needed for the past many years are badass baby faces and heels who have a set of balls. Ambrose and Rollins are bringing that to the table, so it's best to not overanalyze this one.
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  7. I actually enjoyed reading this answer. It's a great short-term analysis of the angle.
    My premise was switching the two may have spawned a better long-term rivalry between Reigns/Ambrose
    The theory would be it would have been a great Batman/Joker feud WWE could rely on in case Reigns/Wyatt isn't so hot
    Reigns/Wyatt has great potential (switching heel/face roles to boot) like Rock/Austin.... but Rock also had his HHH rivalry as well

    I do enjoy Bull Ray/Austin Aries, so @Snowman your argument does hold weight in WWE.
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  8. I would have agreed with you before the Rollins' heel turn, but looking at it now, I actually like the way it happened better. The guy who ended The Shield (and I mean literally ended it, since Reigns and Ambrose have seen fit to go their own separate ways as well now that it's no longer a three-man unit) in favor of getting in bed with the imperious boss should be more of the smug arrogant type, and Rollins fits that description better than Ambrose would have. Plus, I'm really enjoying the unhinged, crazed-babyface role that Ambrose is portraying right now. And there's obviously plenty of time for Reigns and Ambrose to instigate a rivalry with one another later on down the road.

    On top of that, I feel Rollins turning benefits all three men more in the long run than Ambrose turning would have. Everyone pretty much figured from the get-go that Ambrose and Reigns would likely have more successful careers just because Ambrose could talk and Reigns had the look and the "IT" factor. Rollins had the ring work, sure, but we all know that that's the least desirable trait that the company (and the fans) look for in a wrestler. The fact that everyone assumed that the collapse of The Shield would likely revolve around Reigns vs Ambrose (with Rollins basically being the monkey in the middle) just further illustrates it. At least the way it is now, there's more of a spotlight on Rollins than there probably would have been if Ambrose had turned instead.
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  9. My concern with making Rollins a tag-team specialist, from the get-go would that he would end up as monkey-in-the-middle
    My angle would involve giving Rollins the U.S title and highlighting his in-ring work showcasing him as a singles competitor.
    Being that Rollins has an RVD/Jeff Hardy likeability, his year long reigned would have surpassed anything Ambrose did with it.
    Everything we're seeing today from Rollins would've been spotlighted (to some lesser degree) in a singles run with the U.S title

    I also see an Ambrose/HHH union being less than ideal. Ambrose would be a suck-up, a lacky, not a buddy.
    Ambrose association with HHH would make him a dirty heel, a scumbag, a lowlife. HHH wouldn't respect him, but he'd get major heat

    Rollins/HHH union is organic; he's HHH's buddy... then again, so are Batista, Orton and Sheamus
    Guys that HHH 'likes' don't have a superior track record. An Ambrose/HHH bond may be just what HHH needs to create a buzz

    Though we all like Ambrose current gimmick, he's climbing a very steep wall to the top; Rollins has an almost 'too easy' road to success

    I really believe we're downplaying how successful a U.S title run Rollins could have had given his somewhat daredevil-like personality
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