Better Wrestler: John Cena or Hulk Hogan

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  1. John Cena

  2. Hulk Hogan

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    This is going to be a spin-off thread of "Better Heel/Face".

    Anyways who do you think was a Better Wrestler? Cena or Hogan?

    Neither of them are amazing performers, but the fans connect with them.

    Who is better and why?
  2. John Cena has had classics with Punk, HBK , Kurt Angle, Edge and Umaga. He even carried Khali to a watchable match. Hogan was decent in NJPW but horrible in the WWF/E so it's Cena by a country mile.
  3. I agree.
    I would only say that Hogan has better drawing power.
  4. Hulk probably had the greatest drawing power ever if you're focusing solely on impact.
  5. Oh god this.
  6. Cena definitely. He puts a great storyline in his matches, he might not be the best wrestler but he can certainly hold his own and can carry a match and make it exciting.

    Hulk Hogan though imo has soo much more charisma, which is why he was as big as he was. His matches are looked upon as iconic and legendary, but not because of his wrestling, rather because of his charisma.
  7. I chose Cena, but they have both made history. Hulk Hogan was the first to pick up and slam Andre the Giant. Hulk was also the prime leader of NWO. I believe Hulf was at his prime in NWO. Then you have Hollywood Hulk Hogan, (babyface Hogan). I liked him better as Heel to be honest. Hogan has wrestled many great matches in his career, all of which has been of quality. He however, does posses bad technical skills, unlike Cena. I guess it all depends on your taste of character. I do feel that Hogan was a great performer though, and nocody will compare to him history wise. He's untouchable. There is a lot that he didn't accomplish though. Also, his skits got old and boring.. Same with Cena. No doubt in my mind at all though, Hogan is great :emoji_grin:

    Now Cena on the otherhand, Cena is a super babyface, but not for what he does in ring, it's more of because what he does out side of the ring, (Make A Wish, Movies, Troops in Iraq and Afghanistan), and all that. Now, Cena has accomplished great things in his in-ring career. Opinion wise, he had the greatest debut in WWE history, but again, that's just my opinion. Cena has took multiple ladders, put them on top of each other, and climbed through the roof with them. He is in my eyes, even greater then Hogan by far, but the history books will say otherwise. Look at all of Cena's matches.. They have been great up until the chain gang skit ended. Now, they are just good, not great. I'm hoping The Rock will kick Cena into a heel after Wrestlemania 28. Quality wise, In-ring wise, and out-ring wise... Even fan wise, I believe Cena is the more popular vote over Hogan. I mean, Cena has put the AA on Big Show before, that matches Hogan and Andre. Cena has held many championships, that matches Hulk too.

    Fan base wise, Cena has more than tripled Hulks fans, therefore putting Cena as the more popular superstar.
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    He wasn't in the NWO. . .
  14. John Cena by leaps and bounds. Hulk Hogan has a very slow paced style that I really couldn't care for. Although Cena has had a lot of bad matches, I think he's pulled a few big ones that were pretty good. As far as memorable moments I'm sure Hogan has more, but since we're basing this on wrestling alone I have to give it to Cena because he brings more to the table even though Hulk beats him in storytelling.
  15. John Cena for sure. Not counting his work in NJPW, what great matches did Hogan really have? His matches with Piper were decent brawls, his WM3 match with Andre was iconic and legendary but not great from a work rate POV (though it wasn't long enough to really be boring, only about twelve minutes), his match with Savage gets praised but in reality it was just a normal by-the-books Hogan match, his match with Ultimate Warrior was a great clash thanks mostly to the brilliant booking by Pat Patterson, and his match with The Rock was pretty good but only really the first time, as it's painfully obvious who is carrying the match upon repeated viewings.

    John Cena had great matches against Kurt Angle, Edge, Brock Lesnar, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Randy Orton, CM Punk, Umaga, Chris Jericho, etc.

    For ring work - John Cena.
    For charisma and overall aura and star presence - Hulk Hogan.
  16. John Cena for the arguments above. =))
  17. Hulk Hogan's best match was against HBK. I choose Cena, his in ring work is pretty good, not the best obviously, but it's much better then Hulk Hogan's.
  18. Hulk Hogan was far more entertaining but since that's not the topic I'm going to say Cena is the better wrassler.
  19. 13 votes for Cena, 0 for hogan. Easy choice, Cena by far.