Betting Exchange: Rollins is the next WWE WHC

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Solidus, May 27, 2016.

  1. I'm playing around with a new feature here. The betting exchange allows anyone (with permission) to create their own bets, open or private with a member of their choice.
    Here is mine: Next WWE Champion: Seth Rollins

    Place a wager and help me test it! :shane:

    Bet creation screenshot (open)
  2. To go into more detail...

    I've opened a $150 bet here. It will cost you $150 to join this bet.
    If Seth Rollins IS the next champion, you and everyone else who took part wins back your stake and $150 of my money.
    If Seth Rollins IS NOT the next champion, I win everyone's stake money.

    So members who'd like to do this in future would have to aware that they could have to pay out a lot of cash.
  3. I bet against it.
  4. >tfw forum gets shut down for illegal gambling

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  5. Everything I said was wrong. :lol1:
    You bet against me. In this case, you believe Rollins will NOT be the next champion and accept the bet.
  6. All my money 5k968.93 lol bby. what the fuck am I going to do with .93 bro, consolidate your shit. I'll double the bet and pick the champ, if you are willing to bet on it. It wont be forum cash, it will be your avatar and sig vs mine.
  7. Seth is not winning the championship just yet. I can see summer slam.
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  8. Yeah, SummerSlam seems like the perfect opportunity for either Rollins or Ambrose to capture the gold.

    Or, they'll hold off on it and save it for Mania.
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  9. I say they wait till mania. It'll be bigger. Until dean cashes in at mania, Seth and Roman can keep battling now and then, with Seth wining the title a couple times. Have Seth and Roman main event summer slam with Seth winning and then roman beats him later on. Dean holds onto the briefcase, constantly reminding Rollins and reigns of what he can do. Roman wins back the title and Seth wins the rumble to get his shot again. Then night after the rumble, with tensions high, Roman and Seth are in the ring, then deans music hits and he announces that it won't be just Roman and Seth battling, but the shield will reunite at mania, and it'll be in a triple threat match! Complete gold. Give them a 45 min match for the title with Seth winning, barely, then turning face after.

    Can you imagine the hype surrounding that match?
  10. I would love to see Rollins champ again. The guy is so bad I love him. Monday on Raw when he said he got so much fan mail he didn't know what to do with it. So he didn't open one letter, he put it all in a trash can and set it on fire, I literally laughed out loud. That guy is awesome.

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  11. You know what they could do, have Dean with the briefcase but he keeps refusing to cash it in because Roman is the champion. They could make an actual story of his refusal to cash in on a friend until the point where he actually does it, at Wrestlemania in your scenario. I would like that.
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  12. Hasn't Ambrose run been completely depleted by WWE at this point?
  13. They do keep finding new stuff for him though. The Asylum match was pretty cool with the thumb tacks.
  14. Not yet
  15. Or dean could cash it at survivor series for a triple threat. And not be successful. That'd be cool too lol. Get everyone behind him only to give it to reigns lol
  16. Rollins loses.

    But I see Rollins winning the Royal Rumble this year and winning the title back at Mania in a Shield Triple Threat match
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